Olive Twist

9-12 year old who was born an orphan, he is innocent through the toughest times.

His mother is Agnes Fleming and his father is Edwin Leeford.

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Fagin (The Jew)
The ugly evil thief leader who takes Oliveras pickpocketer an but ends but getting hung.

Monks: helps him give Oliver a bad rep.

Nancy: taught her how to pickpocket when she was young
Sikes: he is his business associate.

A young prostitute who turns righteous and reveals Monks plot and gets murdered by her boyfriend, Sikes.

Fagin: her former master as a pickpocketer
Sikes: Her lover and murderer
Olivers evil half-brother who schemes how he can inherit his inheritance.

His mother is Mrs. Leeford and his father is Edwin Leeford.

Fagin: plots w/ him of how they can give Oliver a bad reputation.

Mr. Bronlow
An intelligent gentleman who is the natural leader in helping Oliver
Bedwin: his sort of maid
Mrs. Bedwin
A kind old woman who takes care of Oliver when he is ill.

Mr. Bronlow: her employer
Bill Sikes
A wicked, villainous man who is ready to do about anything that is wicked
Fagin: his business associate.

Nancy: his lover and his victim.

Bullseye: his dog who takes much abuse.

Mr. Bumble
The prideful, fat beetle who becomes unhappily married with Ms. Corney.

Corney: his wife
Agnes Fleming
Olivers mother who died after delivering him.

Fleming: her father
Mr. Fleming
Agness father and Olivers grandfather
Agnes: his daughter
Oliver: his grandson
Mrs Corney
A widow who owns the workhouse and marries Mr. Bumble
Mr Bumble: her husband
Mr. Sowerberry
The undertaker for the paupers, he is fairly nice to Oliver.

Mrs. Leeford
She destroyed Mr. Leefords will which gave Oliver some property.

Her son is Monks and her husband is Mr. Leeford
Bulls eye
Bill Sikess dog who is horribly mistreated
Sikes: his master
Edwin Leeford
A good man who is forced to marry Mrs. Leeford
He is both Monks and Oliverss Father, but had Oliver with Agnes and Monks with Mrs. Leeford


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