Of Mice And Men Detail Analysis

Of Mice And Men Detail Analysis CHAPTER 1 “O.K. Someday— we’re gonna get the jack together and we’re gonna have a little house and a couple of acres an’ a cow and some pigs and—–” “An’ live off the fatta the lan’,” Lennie shouted. “An’ have rabbits. Go on George! Tell about what we’re gonna have in the garden and about the rabbits in the cages and about the rain in the winter and the stove, and how thick the cream is on the milk you can hardly cut it. Tell about that, George.” This was the conversation of two laborers, George Milton and Lennie Small. This was their impossible dream, which once seemed to be within reach. However, due to Lennie’s aggressive behavior, this dream evaporated.

Yet, was Lennie to blame for this? What was the cause of his actions? A. Objectives This research paper aimed to: 1. identify Lennie’s childlike qualities, 2. analyze Lennie’s aggressive behavior, and 3. gather sufficient information regarding mental retardation. B. Statement of the Problem This paper aimed to answer the following questions: 1.a.

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What were Lennie’s childlike qualities? b. What events displayed Lennie’s childlike qualities? 2.a. What events displayed Lennie’s aggressive behavior? 3.a. What was mental retardation? b. How did you determine if a person was mentally retarded? c. What was the cognitive functioning of a mental retardate? C.

Hypothesis If Lennie Small exhibited childlike qualities and behavioral disorders and was poor in memory, thinking and reasoning, then, he was mentally retarded based on his cognitive functioning. D. Methods and Procedures This research paper aimed to use a descriptive-analytical method of study. E. Significance of the Study This paper enabled the researcher to analyze Lennie Small’s psychological state. The researcher also gained information regarding the background of the novel and its characters. Moreover, it enabled both the author and the audience to understand mental retardation and the victims of this condition.

F. Survey of Related Literature 1. Chess, Stella and Mahin Hassibi. “Principles and Practice of Child Psychiatry” A book that was accurate and comprehensive covering not only child psychiatry but also psychological disorders of adults. 2. Engle, T.L. and Louis Snellgrove “Psychology” This book involved the principles and applications of psychology.

3. Goodman, Michael. “Barron’s Book Notes: John Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men” It was a guide to the plot and structure of the novel. G. Scope and Limitations This research aimed to determine Lennie’s psychological state. Furthermore, it aimed to ascertain the cognitive functions and behaviors of a mental retardate. However, the intelligence or I.Q. of Lennie Small was a limitation; likewise, the other characters’ psychology was a restriction.

H. Definition of Terms 1. Adult- a person who had reached an age of maturity as defined by law, usually the age of 18, sometimes the age of 21 2. cognitive function- this involved the language behavior, learning, memory, thinking, reasoning, motivation, and behavioral disorders of a person 3. childlike- innocent; frank simple 4.

I.Q.- intelligence quotient; a number that showed a person’s intelligence 5. Mental retardation- subnormal intellectual development or functioning 6. Ranch hand- farm laborers CHAPTER 2 BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY John Ernst Steinbeck was born in Salinas, California and was educated in Stanford University, leaving without taking a degree. His novel, Of Mice and Men, was published by Civici-Friede on February 6 1937. He was a Nobel laureate for literature on the 25th of October, 1962 “for his realistic as well as imaginative writings, distinguished by a sympathetic humor and keen social perception.” Two years later, he died of arteriosclerosis in New York The novel Of Mice and Men was originally called Something That Happened.

It was converted into a play by George Kaufman, which had 207 performances. This play received the New York Drama Critics Award. There are also two film versions of the novel. One was created in 1940 and the other, just recently, in 1992. The plot of the novel was a tragic story of two itinerant farm laborers yearning for a small farm of their own.

The two main characters were Lennie Small and George Milton. The minor characters were as follows. Slim and Carlson was two of the other ranch hands. Candy and Crooks were the outcasts of the novel. Curley was the son of The Boss, which appeared to be the villain of the novel.

Curley’s Wife was a sad character constantly avoided by everyone in the farm, except by her husband, because she was believed to spread trouble. Lastly, there was Whit who played a very minor role in the novel. CHAPTER 3 PRESENTATION OF DATA The novel opened in the banks of the Salinas River. For the moment, the place is peaceful, and then two men emerged from the path. The first man was small and quick, dark of face, with restless eyes and sharp, strong features .

Behind him walked his opposite, a huge man, shapeless of face, with large pale eyes, with wide sloped shoulders; and he walked heavily, dragged his feet a little, the way a bear drags his paws . The dialogue of the two then started as George made sharp and critical remarks of Lennie as Lennie drank water from the pool of water. Lennie’s response was innocent and generous . The dialogue continued to follow this pattern of critical comments from George and innocent responses from Lennie through the next several pages . As their conversation progressed, George discovered that Lennie kept a dead mouse with him and threw it away across the pool.

However, Lennie retrieved the mouse and George threw it away for the second time. Lennie’s lip quivered and tears started in his eyes . George began to comfort him. Their conversation brought them to the issue of the reason they left Weed. The researcher discovered that they had to run out of the last town because Lennie touched a girl’s dress and frightened the girl.

And, they moved to another town to work in another ranch except they stayed in the woods rather than going straight to their destination. They continued to talk and under Lennie’s encouragement saying that he had forgotten, George articulated their dream to have a …


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