By: Rachel Simmons
Odd Girl Out by Rachel Simmons exposes the “hidden culture of girls
aggression in which bullying is epidemic, distinctive and destructive.”
(pg.3) Simmons went around the nation, interviewing to girls about their
own experiences with bullying. As I read the book a picture of my own past
experiences with bullying became a “distinct reminder of the lasting
effects of cruelty, and where the “damage is neat and quiet, the
perpetrator and victim invisible.”(pg. 4) “The target, is often unaware of
why her friend is angry, is consumed by panic and the fear of permanently
loosing the friendship.” (pg.45) One day the girls are friends and the next
day “the victim is isolated from her peers as many girls use double doses
of distance and silence to announce their anger, leaving defendants
clueless about what they’ve done.” (pg. 75). Betrayal hurts, and as a
victim states, “they told me what a horrible person I was. They….ripped
me down to nothing.” Society can start by lying down, “enforceable public
rules….to begin to scratch at the surface of this problem.” Words are
powerful and can help society begin to understanding the minds of both
bullies and victims. Without taking action society will still experience
“the same problem, and without help girls will remain vulnerable bullying
and abuse.”
Why do girls fear isolation so intensely? Many girls “may try to avoid
being alone at all cost, including staying in an abusive relationship.”
Many girls in the book began “to questioning their self, and began to
lose trust in others and their selves.”(pg 46) But, as one school consular
said to Simmons, “it has always been this way. It will always be this way.

There is nothing we can do about it.” (pg.33) Hearing the voice of another
adult diminish the cruel nonphysical abuse makes me wonder how greatly
today society influences girls behavior is today.Society seems to
portray a “good girl image”, leaving girls to fear their own anger,
therefore acting it out in a way that is cruel and relentless.

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In this book, Simmons begins do dig deeper into the Science of mental
reasoning and behavior. Half of covert aggression “is looking like you’d
never mistreat someone in the first place aggression. (pg.23)”Every
child wants three things out of life: connection, recognition and power.”
First hand accounts lead the reader to see the whole picture, not
just the authors’ perspective. Although Simmons does not have a degree in
psychology, she has also been a victim of bullying, the bully. She wants
the reader to know what is going on inside the head of adolescent girls

Odd girl Out allowed me to dig deeper into the minds of adolescent girls
that were hurt by cruel covert abuse I was a victim of covert aggression
and this book allowed me to know more about the actual thinking of the
bully. I now want to know more about developmental psychology. What are the
stepping stones that have created adolescent behavior today? What is behind
the root of anger and joy? II want to know what created the anger in
adolescents. Finally, I want to know exactly how much adolescent are
influenced by the media. The covert aggression in girls today leads me to
want to know my own feelings and how I might project them on other people.


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