Oct ‘ 04

12 create main dialog, with appropriate buttons,events, and a simple event log handling subroutines
13 Create Robo-FTP scripts,documentation
14 Unit testing on the script based on actual file name, test with a mail server and client
15 generating sample test data, Unit testing and debug on the mainframe programs
18 continue with unit testing and debug on the mainframe programs
19 generating sample test data, unit testing and debug on the subprograms
20 continue testing and debugging subprograms,unit testing dialog with the “event log” flow and subroutines
21 integration testing and debug of natural subprograms with dialog to form an application system,found errors, debug ROBO
22 documentation (vers.0.1), and fine tuning of application
25 documentation (vers.0.1), rectifying errors on mainframe program
26 documentation (vers.0.1), enhance the QAA system that allows for checks on available text files
27 documentation (vers.0.1), modify QAA system to include additional button for separating different processes
28 assisting in UAT, debugging
29 assisting in UAT, debugging
30 assisting in UAT, debugging
Nov ’04
01 holiday
02 documenation modifications (vers.0.2), Robo-FTP time problems
03 migration programs, debugging QAA Automation system
04 debugging QAA Automation system, PP reports arranging
05 PP meeting
10 leave
11 holiday
12 holiday
15 holiday
16 holiday
17 PP starts officially. finding input and output files.

Outstanding items:
1. 02/11 – DAA-AMON – Writing to error log files.

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2. 02/11 – DAA – Creation of transaction log monthly. Hint:”Restart algorithm”


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