Obesity has become a concern for many people in our culture. The obesity rate among Americans has gotten worse over the years. The topic of weight is very prevalent among people in today’s society. Everywhere you look you see people of different weights and appearances. Tall, small, thin, wide, fat and skinny are just a variety of the words we use to describe people. Not many people are completely satisfied with their weight. People are constantly looking for ways to better themselves and improve their physical appearance. In our society, obesity has become a defining problem of American culture.

So many people are overweight or obese today due to a number of factors that influence being overweight and obese which include behavior, environment and genetics. Each plays a significant role. Behavior relates to a person eating too many calories while not getting enough physical activity. Environment involves a persons home, work, school, or community that can provide barriers or opportunities for an inactive and active lifestyle. Americans tend to eat high-fat foods, and put taste and convenience ahead of nutrition. Also, most Americans do not get enough physical activity. Last is genetics, which heredity plays a large role in determining how susceptible people are to becoming overweight and obese. Obesity tends to run in families, yet families also share diet and lifestyle habits that may contribute to obesity.
Another possibility is the size of food portions. Since the food industry has grown larger, and people are eating out more; marketing has become more concentrated, and larger numbers of new products have been introduced. Price competition has lead manufacturers to increase product size which not only draws attention to the product but increases their profits. Some examples are the larger portions of candy bars, the “supersizing” of menu items of fast food restaurants, the larger soft drink sizes and the bigger portion sizes in restaurants.

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When this happens, the physical activity should come into effect. Not only cutting back on the food throughout the day but keeping a child active is highly recommended. Parents can not allow the child to do anything that would be a health hazard of becoming to fat. After school, kids need to be involved in after school activities which keep them active. Physical education is a must during the school hours. They should be taught in and out of school that being active is a key ingredient to maintaining a respectable weight. Kids should be involved in sports since most of them look up to professional athletes.
Now the aspect of being thin is good. People put the image that being thin is always good, but in all reality being thin may be harmful to your health. Too thin and obese are in some ways have brought up the same issues in some societies. Too thin and obese can cause medical issues. To be beautiful is not to be too thin or obese, but to be in the middle-moderate plump.

Another concern to the problem of obesity is the way that advertisements and the food community push Americans to crave certain items by making them look so good. By having many advertisement of food, it puts pressure on the consumer to purchase and produce a huge sale for that specific food product or restaurant.

There are many reasons why people become overweight. Failure to address this problem may have serious consequences for the individual in the areas of health, social acceptance, psychological adjustment and overall productivity, well into the future. Unfortunately, this is a growing national health problem which is affecting our entire society. As a nation we need to address the serious problem that childhood obesity presents to America’s youth, now. This issue can’t be taken lightly by the American public. It needs to be recognized as a major health issue. We don’t need to drive people to become anorexic but enough needs to be addressed so that it is in our consciences every day.


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