No United States without Mexico

No U.S. without Mexicans
As a Mexican American in the United States I can honestly say that Spanish colonialism plays a crucial role in understanding the history of Mexicans in the United States. Spanish colonialism brought forth many factors that shaped the Mexican. One huge factor is religion. The Spanish brought a unified form of religion, we know it as Christianity. Secondly, with its priority of converting the indigenous people to Christianity, they migrated and created pueblos in what is now part of South Western United States. With its expansion and creation of Haciendas and Ranchos, the Spanish created a new style of culture, which is important in the shaping of the Mexican in the United States.
One of the most influential aspects of the Mexican in the United States is his religious beliefs. If not for the Spanish and their devotion to convert people to Christianity, life would be differently for the average Mexican. Spiritually, the Mexican looks to god for guidance and support. Growing up in a Mexican household, I can say that religion played an enormous role in my life. As a family, we would attend church every Sunday. I also attended catechism through the course of my childhood, which shaped me into the individual that I am today.
With its expansion of Christianity, the Spanish Colonialism created Haciendas, Ranchos and pueblos in the Southwestern United States. With these Haciendas and ranchos the Spanish brought a unique form of architecture. This Spanish Style architecture as it is now known is evident throughout the southwestern United States today. Large portions of Chicanos live in homes that are influenced by the expansion of Spanish colonialism. Spanish style architecture, with its enormous archways and brick cultured construction is one of the most elaborate and popular forms of architecture found today. Within these haciendas lies a cattle cultured economy which is extremely important now in the United States. The Spanish brought horses, cows, goats, and sheep to the United States. Cattle play a role on just about every person in the United States, for the United States thrives as a meat eating country. With the creation of haciendas a new style of culture would be created from these flourishing communities.

Mexican culture is extremely important in the lives of a Mexican. Religion, food, folklore as well as community contribute to the culture of a Mexican. The Spanish culture is well and alive throughout the United States. Food is one aspect that revolves around culture. Today there is a Mexican restaurant on just about every other street corner. It is definitely some of the most popular forms of food throughout the United States. Family and community are an important entity of a Mexican household. At family parties, having the entire family together is important in creating a comfortable sense of community. Spanish colonialisms brought this sense of community together with its creation of haciendas and ranchos.
For the Mexican American, Spanish colonialism is definitely an important form of history, for it revolves and flourishes throughout the life of a Mexican. Christianity, which was brought to the Mexicans through Spanish Colonialism is one of the most important aspects of a Mexicans life. Haciendas and Ranchos brought intriguing forms of architecture. It also contributed by introducing the cattle cultured economy which is evident throughout the United States today. Lastly Spanish colonialism added a unique form of culture. From its delicious Mexican food to its sense of community, culture is alive and well amongst Mexican’s in the United States. One can see how extremely important the role Spanish Colonialism plays on the Mexican in the United States, for without Mexico, the United States of America could not exist.

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