No Doubt

In the begaining – In Anaheim California Eric Stefani Gwens older brother
would write songs like (Stick it in a hole) about a pencil sharpener, and
forcing Gwen to song with John their singer. In December of 1986 their
singer John Spence quits and forces Gwen to sing at their first gig. In the
summer of 1987 Gwen and Tony (their basses) start going out.December
21-1987 John Spence shots him self in a park in Anaheim Cal. In the spring
of 1988 the heavy metal guitarist Tom, a college student,refuses his sisters
offer to play in her band to play in No Doubt.In 1987-1988 part of the
then underground-ska-scence, No Doubt built a huge following of
” rude boys” and after numerous gig openings for the untouchables and
fishbones, as well as their own all- ages show. In 1989-1990 No doubt
evoled into a soild five piece unit, expanding their sound to include the style
of each,natural evolvution shows opening for The Red Hot Chilli Peppers,
Ziggy Martey, Mano Negra, their forbrace board sound that appealed to the
college crowd. August of 1991 No doubt signs a “big” record contract with
Interscope Records. October- December 1991, between working and driving
to school (Tom’s a music major, Gwen’s a art major, and Tony and Adrion
are psychology majors) the band drives to a Los Angeles studio as often
as possible to record their debut album, a 14 song collection of older
material as well as recently plained tracks. Finally in march of 1993 No Doubt
begains the first sessions for what would be called Tragic Kingdom. Eric
departs before the completion of Tragic Kingdom, and continues as a
animator for the simpsons. After a seven year relationship, Tony gets
clawstrophobic and dumps Gwen and after that she wrote “don’t
speak”an evoled from a love song to a broken heart song .January of 1996
several mounths after the release Tragic Kingdom debuts on billboards top
200 at no. 175 and the “just a girl” reaches no. 10 Tom who created the
music guitar world ” I always thought the song was cool but never thought
the song would fly like it has , says Tom.June 1996 the song “spiderwebs”
with music by Tony and Gwen penned not about their relationship , reaches
no. 5 on the billboards.The band begins their first European tour,
followed by dates in Austratia,New Zealand , and Indonesial in July 1996
Tragic Kingdom goes plamtinum and so does Gwens hair.August of 1996 ,
Tragic Kingdom centified goes double platinum. Salons across the country
complained that teenage girls wants to get her hair colored and dyed like
Gwen stefani .Dec-7-1996 No Doubt performed “don’t speak” on
Saturday Night Live. the following week Tragic Kingdom reaches no. 1
on the billboard–14 mounths after it’s release , selling 229,000,000
copies the first week top spot , more than 500,000 Christmas week
and 6 million total, th album will spend nine weeks at no.1 and 36
weeks in the top ten. Jan-16-2000No Doubt is shot but it’s all good,
the band is shot by photograher David lachappelle for their newest
cd,Return of Saturn .Jan-24-26-2000 Ex-girlfriend driected by
Hype Williams is shot, in Apirl of 2000 Return of Sarturn goes
Platinum. Jan 2000-sept 2001 in studio making “Rock Steady”.


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