Newark Museum

1. Various Roman Portrait Heads
The portrait of a bearded man is from 150-175a.d. It is from the Antoine Period (138-192a.d.). The portrait is realistic to me because it is a sculpture of someone. My impressions on this are that his beard is kind of wavy. His hose has a piece missing or is just damaged real bad. He is made out of marble. His face looks like he is mad or something, real intense. It also looks like it had cuts in his forehead and part of his eye. His hair looks like a pile of whip cream.
2. Statue of Kouros
The color of the stone of the statue of Kouros I would describe it as beige. The repairs to the statue are all over the body. It has cracks all over the arms, chest, back, etc. his headband is fastened by some thing on his head that looks like beads with spaces throughout them. It is from 590-580b.c during the archaic period. It stands pretty tall and also has a little staggered going on with his right foot back and his left foot up.

3. “Fat Baby” from Olmec Culture
The “Fat Baby” is during the 9th- 12th century b.c.e., during the Olmec period. The figure is white and hollow. The baby seems to be nibbling on his index finger, seating down with his legs open. It is pretty big meaning fat and looks old. It has a
hat on that looks light pink and his lip is pulled back. The baby has no fangs and is cracked. It has a straight line going down his back with designs all over the left side.

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4. Human-Headed Winged Bull
It is from the Neo-Assyran period during 883-859b.c.e. The highest relief would be its head. The writing was all around the statue in a different writing. It is very big and tall. It is on a good portion of the corner of a hallway. It looks kind of cool with a bull’s body with wings and a human’s head on it. The face is kind of funny because of the beard I guess if long and real even. The human-headed wing bull had five legs.

5. Standing Buddha
The standing Buddha is from the 5th century 319-500b.c. during the Gupta period. Some symbols on this statue is rounded cheeks and high eyebrows. There is also a symbol of nirvana. This is one of the greatest art styles in the 5th century. It has some kind of clothing on that has all swirled lines in it with spaces. It has a weird hat on with a rounded top that looks like a ball on top of its head. There were gentle and smooth curves. There were also interlocked shapes all over that were smooth as well too.


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