Natures Gems

Desperately gripping the bend with screeching tires I accelerated down the slope toward a secluded lake, my lake. Edging the car over to the side, I wandered down to the water dampening my hand, revelling in the cool fluidity of it, feeling the burden of my conscience being lightened. I sat by its side, tossing stones into it’s willowy depths, watching the ripples slowly radiate from the epicentre. Stripping to the waste I waded out into the lake, the water was cold and refreshing it’s ice tendrils turning my skin a healthy red. I could still feel my hand throbbing from where I’d hit Mary, over and over until she had collapsed in a heap and I had fled the scene. Seeking peace of mind I had fled to the only place I could think of, this lake, this picture of tranquillity, I confessed my sins to it, felt reborn by it’s unspoken forgiveness and relaxed in it’s frosty grip. There would be loose ends to tie up now, for my future happiness I must not let this go unfinished.

A low rumbling echoed down the hillside road, a sleek car followed by a cloud of dust traced around the bends of the cliff. God damnit he’s going to frighten any game off for miles around with that ruckus, Ruin my entire days hunting will he, well I’m not going home without something to show for it. Hefting my rifle I stalked off through the brush northwards. Pushing some branches aside I was greeted by a sight that wholly unimpressed me, once you’ve seen one, you’ve seen em all… Some may consider this lake to be picturesque, a gem of nature. Not to me. This scene was totally uninspiring, the clam, slowly undulating waters were indifferent to me and me to them. The mountainous surrounds only made me feel more inadequate “in the great song” making my “verse” more insignificant. In my eye nature mocked humans and their pitiful achievements, this it the reason I loved to hunt, to kill, to extinguish this subtle mockery wherever I could. I heard a faint rustle to my left, ramming the butt of the rifle into my shoulder I pivoted and pulled the trigger…
Mary was down for only a few minutes, but when the stars cleared Harry was gone, the welts on her face were quickly swelling up closing her left eye. With fury and sorrow in her heart she sprinted to the garage noticing immediately the absence of Harry’s car. Knowing her partner’s thoughts, she knew there was only one place for him to flee. The lake. The rank smell of burnt rubber accompanied Mary’s departure as she sped after her husband.
Cresting the peak at full tilt she gunned the engine on the down-slope. A resounding crack split the air startling Mary almost causing her to swerve off the road. Confused thoughts rushed through her mind, had he killed himself? Had he had an accident? Damn it no, retribution was to be mine not some random strangers. Slowing to a stop next to Harry’s car, Mary raced down the track to the lake, heart pounding, nerves strained, trying to anticipate whatever was coming around this next bend. Flecks of crimson blood were splattered against the track, leaving a gory trail down the path. At the base of it with his hand stretched, touching the cool water he loved so much was Harry, all thoughts of revenge fled Mary’s mind immediately, she knew a moments peace of mind before a second crack split the silence enveloping this tranquil sanctuary of nature.

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