My view about fantasy

For many people, fantasy isn’t more than a story about a princess, a prince,kings and queens, who always have a happy ending in anyway.

For me, fantasy is more than that. It makes people think that maybe the world can be different, that maybe in the past and in the future, they were or will be someone like that princess or prince who everyone of us had dreamed with; and it makes that the world were we live in, is not as boring as we had thought.

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Many writers choose fantasy for their stories. If we look fast, maybe we will see that most of that stories are made for little children. But they’re not. The message of romance and love that the fantasy stories give to us is not being understood by most of children that read them. They like the stories, yes it is, but they don’t “catch” the real message that they give you.

If we read fantasy books, or watch fantasy movies we can get the message and tell it to our families.

One thing that fantasy stories have, is the magic that makes everyone go into the story, you can imagine how does that princess looks like or what was the colour of the big castle, and anything else. When we read this stories we use our imagination, not like while we are watching usual programs at TV.

One kind of fantasy is science fiction. For me it’s very interesting, because with science fiction we see all different thoughts of people about the future and that kind of things.

In every science fiction movie that we are seeing every day, we…
Sometimes, we should think in fantasy and all the happiness that it gives to everyone, and maybe if we do it constantly, this world, our world could have, everyday, a little bit more of happiness.



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