My Scar Story

One of my scars is on my left knee. I happened on a sunny day when I was around 8 or 9 years old. It was in the summer time and I was across the street playing with a girlfriend. Her mother came outside and invited me to go swimming with them. I was so excited, I ran as fast as I could to go to ask my mom if I could go. I guess my legs were going faster than the rest of my body and there I fell, just at the side of the road where all the loose gravel was. I cut my knee wide open. I dont remember going to the doctor, we didnt have much money, only remember sitting in the bathroom screaming as my mom washed it out. I still to this day have some of the gravel in my knee and needless to say I didnt get to go swimming.

Another scar is in the front of my neck. Actually there are two, one is from the actually surgery and the other is from the tracheotomy. In March of 2002, I had a tumor removed from my voice box. It was a rare tumor called a Glumus, which is made up of blood vessels. The doctors did a wonderful job of hiding the scar in the wrinkle of my neck.

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My doctors at that time thought that it was going to be throat cancer, as I was a smoker. To their surprise and my delight it wasnt. One doctor said that I should go out and play the lottery, but I felt that I had already won.


I'm Lydia!

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