Music Writer

Music Writer Music Writer The job of being a music writer entails many things. As most people believe, they do more then criticize artists work. In an email interview between Steven Ward, and David McGee (a music writer), David tells of how he works for as a country music editor. He states, “What we do at is not music criticism – because hopes to sell these albums, the reviews emphasize the albums’ positive aspects.” This shows us how music writers aren’t always criticizing new artists, and old artists. Some jobs require you to do that, such as certain magazines. David McGee also talks about how the best part of his job is being able to interview to artists, and getting to see what their personalities are like when they are not performing, or not in front of a camera.

To me I think that would be the most interesting part. He got to interview such country stars as, Shelby Lynne, Trisha Yearwood, and Charlie Daniels. Between the interviews, and research of the albums, the music writer describes the album, and what aspects of it may appeal to people, and what aspects may not appeal to people. Most jobs may set restrictions on how much you can say about one album, meaning the bad stuff written about the album. I feel that being a music writer would be a fun job to have. You would get to meet all the famous stars, along with local stars that are just beginning.

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You would be able to understand how they started, and how they lived their lives before they hit it big in the music industry. Being able to listen to the albums, and let people know what to look for before buying it, or trying to get people to buy it by telling them how good the album really is, interests me. Music Essays.


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