A person puts on a front for the public to view. Often there are two sides to a
person. One does not always see the other side of a person. In the films: The Talented Mr.
Ripley, Unusual Suspect, Fight Club, and Persona let us view the other side of one. The film leads one on with using clues, hints, symbolism, and foreshadowing. Each film has some kind of a surprise ending. By using these foreshadowing techniques, it helps the ending seem believable. It makes the ending seem like everything fits. At the beginning of each film they each start off by examining each person, and taking a look at what is really going on in their head.
In the film The Talented Mr. Ripley, Thomas Ripley is uncomfortable with
himself and begins a journey by living his life through the people around him. Ripley moves out to Europe on a quest to find Dickey Greenthumbs and bring him back to the United States. Tom goes out there to only find a person living the life that he would want to live. Tom becomes very jealous and ends up moving in with Dickey and lives the same life as he does. Tom becomes jealous of a secret affair that Dickey had and does away with her life. It comes to a point where that Dickey no longer wants Tom around anymore. Tom is crushed by this and kills Dickey. Tom would only where one set of clothing and when he was living his own life. Tom obsessed with his life and decided to actually transform and become that person. Tom with drew money from his bank account. Tom takes off his glasses and comes his hair and dresses just like Dickey would. Tom becomes convinced that he is actually Dickey. When one of Dickeys friends starts to stumble onto what Tom is doing, Tom does away with his life. Tom sees nothing wrong with this. Dickey wore two rings that never came off his fingers. He goes on to kill his gay friend and thinks that he is dickey at all time. The rings represented his life, and when Tom wore the rings he became Dickey. When Tom Ripley killed Dickey in the movie it happened at in the water. Water is usually in a movie when a significant change is about to occur in ones life. From that point on is Tom changed and became Dickey. Towards the end of the film tom is once again looking out into the water along with his gay friend. This when his girlfriend of when he was Dickey came back into the film. Toms glasses were only worn by him when he was actually himself. At the start of the movie there are jagged lines going through the picture. This reminded me of the beginning of the film Psycho. Norman Bates had the same problem. It gives you the felling of death and that everything isnt what it seems to be.
Unusual Suspect is a film that is about a life of crime. They are taken in for questioning about a crime that no one has any idea about. No one in the room even knows one another and ends up discussing what everyone does with their life. The policies start to question and pressure the gimp into talking. When the police start to question he starts off by talking how they all got together and put together this gang of organized crime. After a few small jobs, the gang was black mailed into working for a man named Kiser. The story went that Kiser was untouchable, and that you either work for him or die. The gang has final mission, which they are to still coke from Hungarians off the ship. The gimp is told to stay behind and watch just in case he doesnt make it and is instructed to let his wife know that he still loves her. Everyone is killed in the gang except for the gimp that was left behind. Kiser is then seen finishing off the last man of the gang. The policy officer puts it together and figures out that there was no Kiser, and that it was one of the men dressed up so that it appears that his life was taken. The movie seems to of come to an end. A twist is then thrown into the film. The gimp leaves the building and the investigator then discovers that all of the little details from the story are words used around the room. The gimp continues to limped leg and then starts to walk more and more normal. The gimp that the policy had picked up was no gimp at all. This was one of the best seen that I have ever viewed. It ends up that he was living a life through words that he viewed on the wall, or that were apart of every day life. Each person from the gang wore red some time through out the movie, and they all ended up dieing. the person that ended up being Kiser wore the same red shirt but for some reason had a blue undershirt. The blue undershirt indicated that the death was fake, and that he only pretended to kill himself.
Fight Club is a film about a boring person with a boring job behind the desk and lives his life to what society believes is a good life. The odd thing is that he liked to watch people that have problems. This seams to be the only way he can fell better about himself. He meats up with a person that lives a complete opposite life. Brad Pitt lives his life to the fullest and does what ever he pleases. Edward Norton becomes jealous and decides that it was time for a change in his life. Brad Pitt looks like Edward Norton wants to look has sex with who and how he likes to do it and lives life without any regrets. Edward quits his job and creates a club that is against society and rules called fight club. Brad Pitt wears red through out the entire movie letting the audience know that something is surreal. It is also symbolism for death. Fight club expands worldwide and is a secret club against rules and society. The club represents everything that Edward Norton usually would have trouble doing in every day life. The film is dark through out the entire movie. Giving you the feeling that something is twisted. Brad Pitt has a plan to take down modern society by destroying all credit card companies, and creating total chaos. At the end the movie throws in a twist with Edward Norton realizing that he has been living two lives. One through Edward Norton and the other through Brad Pitt. He didnt know, but he was Brad Pitt and that was him that started and created fight club. It was the same deal with Norman Bates in Psycho. He comes too the conclusion that the only way to get Brad Pitt out of his head was to shoot himself in the head. Edward could not deal with the other part of himself, so this was the only way out for him.

Persona is a film which all of these other films were based from. It starts with a nurse and its patient. For some reason the nurse and the patient look very similar giving a hint to what is to come at the end. The patient is a mute while the nurse it trying to help her with her friends. Along the way the nurse discovers that she has problems of her own. The film uses a lot of close up shots. These shots compare the two girls together. As the nurse tries to help the patient she starts to realize that she needs help herself. The two girls seem to have more in common then they originally thought. The two girls didnt resemble one another for no reason, but as you find out in the ending that the two girls are in fact the same girl. Along the way there are many clues that these two girls just dont look and share some of the same qualities.

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