Mms Are Better Than Smarties

M&M’s Are Better Than Smarties Woo, they taste great! They’re superior to ordinary, tasteless Smarties. What are they? This is the common reply to all who are given the delicious chocolate M & M’s. M & M’s are by far the finest chocolate that has been made, coated within a little shell, then coloured and finally imprinted with the letters ‘MM’. No other chocolate can ever compare with the great tasting M & M’s. Smarties are larger than M & M’s but unfortunately, they just don’t taste as good.

Many believe that the bigger the size of the chocolate, the better it will taste. This is not always the case, M & M’s are much smaller than Smarties and they taste better than they do. A major difference between the both of them is the shell coating the chocolate. The shell of a smartie is quite hard and every hard to bite into, but the M & m shell is perfectly right, not too hard and not too soft. Another difference with the shell is that when you place the Smartie in your mouth and slowly absorb the colouring until u reach the shell, it tastes disgusting.

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Compared to the shell of an M & M your mouth begins to water when the shell is slowly crunched in between your teeth. The Smartie will never be able to have a tastier shell than M & M’s. The chocolate within that scrumptious shell is magnificent. It just melts in your mouth, leaving a nice taste that excites your taste buds. The chocolate used for making Smarties is very bland, and it tastes like cheap chocolate Easter eggs.

When you decide to indulge into a Smartie be shore that you don not hold then in your hands, because they will melt in your hands, and not in your mouth. When indulging in an M & M they just melt in your mouth, and not in your hands. When eating the other chocolate you must be near a water source so the colour does not stain your skin. They are very dangerous chocolates because they can also stain your clothes. Many mothers out there would rather give her child a M & m’s which does not stain anything than a Smartie which would make them have more washing.

See when you buy a packet of Smarties, and you look at the packaging, there is nothing that appeals to the average human being. When observing the packaging of the M & M’s, people are automatically draw to it. The packet has those adorable little cartoon M & M’s that convince you to buy their product. Now you don’t see Smarties being the official candy of the millennium that’s because M & M’s are. Due to there scrumptious taste, and mostly because ‘MM’ is the roman numerals for 2000.

It’s like it was fate or something that M & M’s are going to be the official candy of the millennium. Now I know, I’m going to buy M & M’s from now on. That’s the common reply from many who have stepped higher in life, when they begin to chose M & M’s over Smarties, for various reasons that have already been explained.


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