MICHELANGELO 1.Early Childhood If you dont know about art, then you dont know about Michelangelo Buonarotti. He was have to been the greatest and certainly the most famous artist produced by western civilization, and universally viewed as the Supreme Renaissance Artist. Throughout his achievement he has the occupation of being a : Painter, Sculptor, Architect, and also a poet. With this kind of ability this man had to have had an impact on Western Europe. As a member of the well-known Florentine family, Michelangelo was born near a small city Known as Arezzo, on March 6, 1475. His education ended in which we would think to have been to early for a child to finish school, at the age of 13.

He received his tutelage in painting, not school work from the artist Domenico, and Bertoldo di Giovanni . He was in constantly in the presence of art. These experiences gave Michelangelo a clear sense on true art. His education was shown in one of his first paintings The Madonna of the Stairs, was painted when he was younger than 20 years of age. 2.Contribution to Renaissance Michelangelo contributed many of his greatest arts and statues to many of the great Kings and Queens of his time. One of his first and most famous statues was Bacchus, the God of wine. In this statue Michelangelo magnified the classical ideal of beauty.

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His statue of David was also a reflection of this idea. Michelangelo was given the most respect when he sculpted the monumental marble piece named Pieta, which was a piece that showed Athletic prowess and dynamic action. This colossal piece was carved in Florence which gave the people of Florence a symbol of the proud independence of the Florentine Republic. This is just ONE of the prime examples of why Michelangelo contributed to the Renaissance. Dont think that Mike was done yet.

His biggest contribution to the Renaissance was when he painted the Sistine Chapel. His organization of the Sistine ceiling frescoes represented the most complex piece ever created in Western Art. The painting itself contains a complex illusion in which it serves as a frame for sculpturelike forms. From the nine paintings on the ceiling, the most unique scene was the Creation of Adam, which showed Michelangelos new look at the human body. It took him 4 years to complete the ceiling, but if you see it you will understand why it was worth the wait.

Sadly to say that Michelangelo died at the right bold age of 89 on February 18,1564. 3.Conclusion As you can see that this man wasnt the smartest of all people, but that wasnt he was known for. He was known for his beautiful paintings and marvelous statues. He was to have been said to be one of greatest artists ever produced, and his worked proved that and held true. So in conclusion I think that I am able and safe to say that Michelangelo Buonarotti was truly a Renaissance man.

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