You ask why study psychology? It’s not an everyday question that might go through a person’s mind, so you ask why study psychology? The study is part of our lives ever day, which is a why it is important to us. It helps us to understand why we do the things we do. A few things it helps us with could be stress, prejudice, and our emotions.

We deal with stress everyday, sometimes it comes down hard on us, and at times it’s not so bad. Psychology can help us to understand why stress happens or how to handle it. Each person is different in many ways. Some can handle situations without over reacting, and others just can’t handle pressure. This study can help us to learn to control our selves, and not get worked up so much. It can’t help everybody, but it can help us understand how stress works. To also understand why too much stress can do you harm. There are different types of stress, and without this study it would hard to understand it.
Another problem we deal with is prejudice, and it’s a problem that will be around for a long time. There are different types of prejudices and every person has some kind of prejudice in himself or herself. It hard to face the fact that prejudice does exist but it’s there. The study of psychology helps understand why there is prejudice among us. We know that people are raised different valves, from different cultures and different aspects on life. We tend to clash and it causes the prejudice among us. Psychology helps us recognize prejudice and why there is such a thing as prejudice.

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An emotion is my last example of a factor we face in life. We all have different types of emotions and deal with them differently. Some people have a good hold on their emotions and know how to control themselves. Others don’t know how to handle their emotions and that could lead stress. Psychology helps us better understand why are emotions are big part of lives. Why some people get depressed easily, or are so bad tempered. To better understand we need psychology to help to learn to deal with our emotions. This study will always be around and will always be needed.

Psychology is a part of life and it revolves our lives everyday. It might not answer all our questions in life but it can help us to define ourselves to see more clearly. It gives us a better understanding why we do the things we do. Stress, prejudice, and our emotions are some of the important things that psychology can explain. Those are just some of the important things in life that psychology helps us to understand.


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