Mental Disorder 11M pd 8October 31, 2003 Health Ho

Mental Disorder 11M pd 8October 31, 2003 Health Homework Monk Monk is a TV series about a detective and how he goes about living and working with his Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD). He tries not to come in physical contact with anyone that he meets, and when he does he repeatedly washes his hands. He always carries around a handkerchief to pick up objects or evidence while he is at a crime scene. He always requires his office to be extremely clean and usually does not like taking cases because of his lack of interaction with others. The show never really shows nor explains how Monk developed his disorder. Even though he has OCD, Monk functions in society, with the help of his secretary. She keeps him on track, and when he does not believe he could accomplish something because of sanitary reasons, she urges him on, and sometimes even helps him by picking up the objects herself.
A Beautiful Mind
In the movie A Beautiful Mind, John Nash suffers from schizophrenia. In the movie, he is a brilliant mathematician who is able to crack secret codes. However, these codes are not real. He believes that he is working for the Army to solve the secret codes, however, they do not exist, and he imagines the whole thing. He also imagines he has a roommate in college, and his roommates niece. He never does realize that they never grow older, and his faithful and loving wife brings this to his attention one day. Nash is put on medication for the illness and for sometime he does take it religiously. The movie does not really how us how he gets this disease, only that he has it during his early twenties while he is in college. John cannot function properly in society for a limited time because he believes people who are not there. In one instance, he leaves his child in the tub while he goes to a shed in the back yard. There he converses with an imaginary figure on how important it is that he needs to crack a certain code. While he is talking, his child nearly drowns in the tub.


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