Media plays a big role in society today. It effects everyone but seems to negatively effect younger children who cant distinguish between right and wrong. The main types of media that effect people today are radio, newspaper, television, movies, and music.

Radio and newspaper are probably the two that dont effect children as much. Although if the song on the radio has adult lyrics the children listening might pick up on it but overall public radio plays a pretty clean selection. Newspaper is good information it is real news and has very little garbage.

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The types of media that influence the kids today in the worst way are movies, music and television. Movies are becoming more and more violent every year and the ratings are becoming less and less. They rate some PG13 movies that I believe are R rated material. As far as the R movies there have been instances where kids thought the movie to be true like the movie Natural Born Killers where the kids had watched it then went and killed people. Television in my opinion has become terrible, to hear someone say crap or damn was unheard of in 1985 and just last week on NYPD blue I heard them say asshole.

Now if you think this television rating system is working I dont. Kids can turn on the TV and hear that language along with a large amount of violence and sexual material. Music is a very controversial one. Some say if you play certain songs backwards it gives
you suicidal messages. Well now days you dont have to go that far, just play Marilyn Manson forward and youll do just fine if your looking to commit suicide. Kids now listen to a lot of music as did I think every generation and I think every generation listened and took in the words. The difference is that the words kids hear now are terrible and as a result you have kids hanging themselves with Marilyn Manson playing.

Everyone today is affected by the things we listen and hear but the kids are more prone to take action on what they are sussepted to. We as a society need to crack down on this adult type material are kids see just look at the difference in teenagers today 12 year olds doing drugs and shooting people, I feel this is all the media and entertainment industries faults.


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