Massive Monsters

Massive Monsters Massive Monster Murders The monster that they call Grendel is on the loose. He has been causing terror to many civilians in Herot for the past 12 years. Murdering and spreading blood shed all across the town. He likes to strike at night, and he will only come out at night when everybody is at rest not expecting the kill. Grendels recent strike was on the warriors of Herot. Grendel waited for nightfall and wandered up to the hall where all the warriors had met to drink and have a good time.

All the warriors were sound asleep when he got there. He knew that this was his chance. He sneaked in the hall silent as a mouse, and killed all the warriors leaving nothing but a trail of there blood. Grendel is a shady character. He has everybody wondering and waiting for his next strike.

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His powers are unknown. He creeps through the night without a trace and is never seen. We urge many people to move as far away as possible from Herot. If you are not in distance he will not catch you. Grendel doesnt do what he does for fun; he does it because he is obligated to do it as a monster.

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