Marriage Most couples spend a great deal of time, energy and money on a wedding ceremony that lasts a couple of hours. It is much easier to prepare for a successful wedding than a successful marriage. Marriage is an exciting process that does not come with a clearly outlined instruction book. Those who prepare for marriage and work at their relationship are among those most likely to experience personal and relational satisfaction. Marriage is an excursion that will touch every phase of your life. It will bring you many joys and many challenges.

Preparing for marriage means you need to take time to share feelings – positive and negative. Carefully preparing for marriage – not just the wedding has become an increasingly important and popular option for couples. Recently, Florida passed legislation that gives couples a discount on the cost of their marriage license if they first take a course on communication and conflict resolution. Florida was the fourth state to pass legislation promoting preparation for marriage. At least ten other states, including Illinois, are considering some form of legislation in this area. In Lenawee County, Michigan, couples that wish to have a public official marry them must complete a premarital education class.

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Couples who stay together happily know how to relate to each other in positive ways. It is a fallacy to think that some couples have magically harmonious relationships and that the rest of us must travel the story shores of marital conflict. All couples have conflict and difficulties. The difference between a healthy marriage and a troubled one is how they handle conflict(Gale).”Your marriage is the most important thing in your life. If you believe that and if you’re ready to work for it – and it is hard work – then you will succeed.” (McManus) Social Issues.


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