Many people feel they are not the follower they

Many people feel they are not the “follower” they say they tend to bemore of the leader. But even these leaders follow a role model. Depending
on your role model this one person can influence many of your day-to-day
decisions. There are many aspects to why and how teens chose their role
models, and also how far teens will let their role models influence them
A majority of teens choose role models that have what the teens fell
they are lacking. For example a teen who feels they are lacking in
attractiveness might choose a supermodel or the “it” celebrity as their
model. Often the media can cause these insecurities by putting such a large
emphasis in the positives of the actress with the nicest body and so teens
they are lacking and wish to be more like this actress. According to
some children start choosing their role models as young as their toddler
years although the type of role model changes as they grow.

While a person is in their teen age years they might choose a role
model to be rebellious. Especially if the teens parents push the teen to
choose responsible role models the teen is more likely to choose someone
their parents disapproves of,
How far do role models influence teens? Teens with role models tend
to get better grades. Cigarettes, alcohol and drug use also tends to be
occurring in teens with role models. If a teen had a role model that they
know( I.e. a parent or teacher) they also tend to affect their daily lives
ah the clothes they wear and the music they listen to. The teen strives to
like this person so they will make similar decisions as that person would
make. This also applies to teens who have famous role models although
usually in a more negative way. An example is that if a teens role model is
Britney Spears the child will try to dress as scantily as Britney does ( or
least as the public eye sees her). In the long run this could have a
affect in the teen because they will realize they don’t look as good in the
clothes as Britney does.

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I highly doubt people now a days realize what an influence they might
have on people. From the reasons a teen chooses someone to be their role
model to how far the teen allows a role model to influence them there are
many factors. Hopefully people will now realize how the power of one
person can influence so many.


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