Mankind As A Problem

The biggest blight on the face of the planet is mankind. The major problems facing the world today can all be traced in one way or another back to the interference of man. The human race has yielded too much power for the past several thousands of years and it is time for a stern, quick change in the world. Mankind has walked with impunity from place to place upon the face of this planet and only in a few instances has it rendered anything other than death or chaos. My purpose with this essay is to illustrate that the human race is almost not worth running. Creatures endowed with such inborn capabilities have sunken to a level below any seen before. While capable of such acts of beauty and wonder, they instead choose to act selfishly and without reason.

The human race is, like every living thing, an animal. However, the human race is unlike any other animal on the face of this planet. The human race is more brutal then other animals. The human race is the only animal that will set out to commit genocide or slaughter its own kind by amounts I can not begin to fathom. The human race has done this many times through it’s past and shows no signs of altering. Nazi Germany almost eliminated the entire Jewish population from Europe, and killed millions before they could be stopped. Communist Russia, under the leadership of Stalin, conducted many tests and experiments on humans that lead to the deaths of millions more for no purpose other than to satisfy one man’s curious side. The human race for centuries, and in some parts of the world still does committed slavery. Brutality of human against human has been a common theme through the years, but if you go club one baby seal you would get the chair. Humans have come to accept brutality upon themselves as a fact of life but sit in disgust when it is committed against something else.
Part of what makes man so dangerous and problematic is his intelligence level. The human race is the smartest thing on the planet Earth. This has put him on top of the food chain where he can do the most damage to the world as a whole. His intelligence has allowed him to advance technologically throughout history. His advances in technology have come with problems to not only him, but also the world. The easiest of these problems to recognize is pollution. From strip mining mountains to get coal to use in power plants, to the newest radioactive wonders that humans have created, pollution has tracked him through his technological progress. The problem of pollution has caused many species to become extinct, and I am quite sure that if it were not for the pollution that those species would still be here thriving quite nicely. The intelligence of the human race has allowed him to travel and spread throughout all parts of the planet. Humans live in all places that are hospitable, and a few that are not so hospitable. This leads to a large problem, hunger. Granted that hunger is a problem that faces everything; however, it faces humans like it facing nothing else. Nature finds a balance between predator and prey and maintains it fairly well with everything besides humans. The reason for this is simple, living things other than humans do not reproduce if the ecosystem can not support the extra mouth to feed. Humans are a little bit slower to get the picture then the rest of the animal kingdom. In places like China, they are so overpopulate that only a child per couple is permitted, and they still have severe problems with hunger. In some of the third world nations in Africa, such as Ethiopia, people starve daily by the thousands. Keeping that in mind why is that the human race keeps on multiplying when more and more just die of hunger?
The solution to the human race is quite simple. It needs to die off. This can be accomplished in two ways. The first is easy to recognize, and it is genocide on a planetary scale. Since that seems to be the way that the human race is heading, just go ahead, get there quicker, and save time. Everyday, another country becomes capable of launching nuclear weapons and starting World War III. Just go ahead and end it now and let things get started down the right track soon as possible, no need to post pone the inevitable. The second way that the human race can die off would be to evolve out of this petty cycle they seem to be in. If they would just pull their collective heads out their asses and get stuff done a lot of things would get better in the near future.
Over its short existence, the human race has demonstrated two things; 1) that all though it is an animal it is more brutal and gruesome then any other animal 2) that even with its higher level of intelligence, the human race has yet to demonstrate it. Humans have used their power and intellect for the wrong reasons throughout history and have gone without punishment for far too long. The human race is the biggest dark spot on this rather beautiful planet, and, hopefully, one day soon will be removed.

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