Man For All Seasons

In this play there are people who are against Thomas More. The people against
him are the people who persecuted him. Cromwell was one of the leaders of the
people who persecuted Thomas More. Cromwell said “When the king wants
something done, I do it”. I think Cromwell said this because he did not want
his head to be cut off so all he did was kiss up to the king. The author said
“More is a man of an angels wit….and a time requireth a man of marvelous
mirth and pastimes; and sometimes of as sad gravity: a man for all seasons”. I
truly believe this is the truth. One of the men was Rich, a confused young man
who wanted to have power. He said “but every man has his price… in money
too, or pleasure, titles, women, bricks-and-mortat, theres always
something”. The people Thomas More associated with to me were ordinary people.

I think the ordinary people were Thomas More, his family, and a few other
friends. First they thought he was doing the right thing by following his true
believes, but then they tried to convince him to stop because he had already
made his point about the law and his religion. Bolt characterized him as a man
as a man who could never give up until his word had gotten across to the foolish
people. This would have worked for More if the rest of the departments even the
members of the church had stuck with him. But only the foolish get the worse of
it, excluding More. “Yes what would you do? Cut a great road through the law
to go after the devil?” This is what More said. I think this shows that More
is different than the people against him. In Mores last words he said to
Margaret ” in matters of conscience the loyal subject is more likely to be
loyal to his conscience than to any other thing”. In my opinion More is a
saint because he never let go of his beliefs in the law and his faith.

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