Making Adam and Steve a Reality.

Bigotry and discrimination are two things that should not be legally permitted in modern society, yet there are laws that permit, if not encourage discrimination against homosexual people. One of these laws is the inability for homosexual couples to be legally married. The simple truth is that homosexuals are religiously married everyday, but they are not entitled to the legal benefits of marriage such as tax breaks and legal inheritances. These couples pay taxes, just as heterosexual couples do, and should be able to have the same legal tax benefits as heterosexual couples do. It is not constitutional for the government to suppress homosexual couple’s rights as human beings, and one of these rights is to be legally bonded in matrimony. Morality should not have any basis in the constructing of new laws especially since many people throughout the United States of America have morals that vary greatly. Homosexuality is not a social disease and should not be treated as one. Homosexuals should have the same protection and benefits through marriage that heterosexual couples do.

Homophobia, or a hatred or fear of homosexuals or homosexuality, is sweeping America, backed by the extreme right wing, fueled by religious beliefs and based on ignorance. The media helps this along by creating homosexual characters that are “with the exception of Ellen, offensive to real homosexuals everywhere” (Roland 18). Until this is ended, it is unlikely that a bill such as this will be passed. However, there is a movement that is slowly gaining support to aid in this bill’s progress. Currently in Hawaii, a bill was passed giving marriage benefits to homosexual couples without
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actually attaining a marriage license (Murty 1). Although this bill makes homosexual marriage illegal, it does give homosexual couples a few marital benefits. However this bill would in essence ban homosexual marriage so it is being protested by the homosexual community and straight community alike (Murty1-2).

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Recently in Hawaii, the state’s supreme court ruled that three homosexual couples could not be denied the rights to marry unless the state could give compelling reason, which is has not been able to do (Hosek 1). This is the first major victory for the movement. Before this, many efforts to gain the same privilages had been attempted in vain. This bill has been proposed in order to give homosexuals the equal marriage rights that they deserve. It has been the hopes of many people that Hawaii’s progress in the battle for the rights of homosexuals throughout the United States and the world will reflect on the mindset of the rest of the lawmakers in the United States and eventually the world.

Surveys such as the one included in this folder have shown that many people find homosexual marriage to be morally offensive, which is major part of a person’s decision on whether to vote or not in favor of this bell. The problem with this is that a select number of people are attempting to oppress a group of people because of their own personal opinions, most of which are based on one’s own religion. This is a clear violation of the first amendment.

Most of the arguments against homosexual marriage are totally unfounded such as their lack of ability to raise children. It is thought that children raised by homosexual parents will develop emotional instabilities or become gay themselves.
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Thirty-four studies have proven otherwise. The children studied in these surveys showed absolutely no signs of any disadvantages to the children in these houses, in fact these children are shown to be more affectionate and open-minded. As for the likeliness of children becoming homosexual because of their surroundingsthe studies show that there is no greater a chance in a homosexual household and a heterosexual household. Another argument is that of the Aids issue. It is believed that by passing a bill such as this that Aids will become even more of a problem. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Giving homosexuals the right to marry promotes monogamy in their relationships. Most other arguments are arguments of the morality of homosexuality. It is not our place to push our own morals on another group of people because of our religious beliefs or because of our ignorance.

Education is the key to eliminating ignorance. Discrimination is based on ignorance and must stop. Homosexual couples should have the same legal rights as heterosexual couples do, no matter if a group of people find it morally offensive or not. Until this bill is passed, discrimination is still legally permitted in Florida


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