Madeup Nixon Speech

Made-Up Nixon Speech My fellow Americans, I come to you tonight to ask for a hand to lend in my aide. I know that a great number of the silent majority would like to see the Vietnam war to finally come to a close. And, because of my campaign promise, I am standing here tonight to inform you that I have a plan of action that I shall use to uphold that promise. But, I need your support. We have to come together as a country, as a whole, to back our troops in Vietnam.

A nation that stands as one is very hard to say no to. And I shall use that to the fullest of its extent in my upcoming meeting in Paris. We must unite for peace as well as victory. To lose this war would be an upset to all of our country. It would be an upset to the people of this country, the soldiers that died for our cause, and an upset to the American Flag, our symbol of power and freedom. Therefore, we must all join forces as one to adapt and overcome this obsticle.

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As your president, I hold the key to ending this war and I shall use it. You can feel free to rest your mind and soul in knowing that the end is near. The fighting will soon cease and the Americans that gave their time, effort, and lives up shall be back on American soil to enjoy life here as we have all been living. The dark wave of war is soon to calm, leaving only memories in the heads of those who lived it and ink in history books to come. I thank you for your support and look forward to the long awaited process of moving on.

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