Lunch table drama

Lunch Table Drama
I was about eight years old. It was a hot summer day. My friend Danny aka El gorditaand I were on our way to the park. We were holding in our hands our colorful lunch pails, full of sweets.

We were two chubby boys on our way to do something that we do best that is eating. We walked over to our favorite table, it was right next to the tier wheel. We just began to open our lunch pails, when two huge shadows were blocking the sun. We were frightened by there mere shadows. I looked at Danny and Danny looked at me, we look at each other, hoping that just there shadows were big.

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They walked closer and looked at us and said, What do you got their fat boys, with a stutter I said just, just some sweets. With what I thought was a flash of lightning they took my star bright lunch pail and dumped all my sweets on the floor. The other boy laughed, and then he stepped on my cup cake. I stood there watching the delicious cream filling flow out of the chocolaty delight cup cake. I fell to my knees and started to cry. Danny looked at what happened and said, dont worry Chubs Ill get help. Then he ran off, leaving his Conan lunch pail still on the lunch table.

While Danny was gone the two teenage kids, ripped the tire right off the ropes. The two boys rolled the tire over to me, and told me to get in. I shouted out no, Im not. Then the two boys picked me up and forced me into the small round tire. They started to roll the tire down the hill.

About half way down the hill, I lost gravity and my chubby butt fell out. And in my luck, I slammed into a mud puddle. As soon as the big monsters saw me. They came down quick as the wind and decided I should taste a healthy piece of mud pie. They shoved in my mouth.
As they stood there watching me gargle the mud, El gordito came dashing in his huffy called Rocket, he whipped out his leaky water gun. And tried so hard to help me. You could hear his chubby breath start to deepen, from the half of a mile that he rode. He tried so many times to wet the guys, but his crooked aim led to his misfortune, of the Atomic wedgies.
As the two kids were giving Danny the wedgies, there were a group of midgets hiding in the bushes, watching what was happening. In the blink of an eye the midgets jumped out of the bushes. They had lunch pails in there hand of all kinds. They started to hit the boys with sticks they gathered. With sticks in there right and lunch pails in their left hand, they scared the two bullies away. One of the midgets grabbed my hand and helped both me and Danny up off the muddy ground. Then he opened his heman lunch pail and pulled out two-cup cakes one for Danny and one for me. Then he said, dont worry my chubby friends they will never bother you again. With out the help of our midget friend, we would never eat at the lunch table again.

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