Low level waste

Low-level Waste facility
Nuclear Fusion, a process in which two light nuclei combine to form a single
heavier nucleus. An example of this is the sunrays they are the simplest form of
nuclear fusion. The use for this is fusion is used as a fuel. But the risks are
radiation poising which is very deadly.

Nuclear fission, a reverse process of fusion. So its a process in which a
heavy nucleus splits in to two smaller nuclei. The simplest form is particles
going into are atmosphere from space. We use it by making atomic bombs. It can
also cause radiation poising which is very deadly.

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Radioactive Decay is the time required for one half of the atoms in any
starting sample of a radioisotope to decay. An example of how long this takes is

This element has a half-life that ranges from 50 days to 15,700,000 years.

When the radioactive materials buried breaks down the environment is destroyed.

Radioactive decay is used by us to treat cancer and alpha rays are used in smoke
detectors. Gamma and beta rays give off a radiation poising which is extremely
harmful and hard to contain.

With all these things that can happen if you put a low level waste facility
in your area it over weights the pros. In till waste management is studied and
we know more about it I dont advise putting one in your community. It can be
harmful and its present a long time in the atmosphere and the land.

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