Love In 20th Century

.. Jill decided she would go with him and they could get married. Eli wanted that so much but he had to devise a plan. He promised Jill he would send for her shortly. Scared to go home and face Gail, Eli walked in and gave her a hug and said, “Whats going on?” Gail freaked out calling him every name in the book.

She can not believe the nerve Eli had after all the pain he put her through. She said she wanted him out and never wanted to see him again. Eli was excited, he figured everything would go much smoother now that Gail was gone. So, he decided to go sneak Jill away from her fathers possession. Gail packed and got ready with much anticipation.

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When Jill saw Eli her heart skipped a beat. She experienced a wave of passion, then saw her entire life ahead with her wonderful Eli. The drive home was a long haul. They stopped often to eat, sightsee and just gaze at each other. The chief allowed Eli some time off considering he came back.

At one site Eli went into deep thought; he felt bad for taking Jill away from her father. She was all he had, but he wouldnt have understood how much Jill meant to him. Then he pondered on Gail and wondered if she had a nervous breakdown by now. Eli shook his head expecting his conscience would quit and it did..for a while. The moment Eli and Jill reached their new apartment, Jill fell in love with it. She could not wait to decorate and furnish the place.

Eli was happy that Jill was happy. She mattered more than anything, even his career did. A few weeks later, the happy couple was settled. Jill was busy running errands and getting acquainted with the town. As Jill had driven by a big building she spotted the police station. She was so excited because Eli loved surprises. Walking into the precinct, she stopped at the desk and asked if Eli was there. The dispatcher asked if Jill was a friend of his wife.

Jill stopped short and said, “his what?” Dispatcher says, “yeah hes been married for quite a while, high school sweethearts, I think.” Jill continued to act as if nothing was wrong but the tears started to role down her cheek and she ran out. Now Jill didnt know what to do. She still loved Eli, but he had deceived her. She couldnt believe he had a wife. She started wondering; maybe all those hang up phone calls had been from Gail. She decided to keep the whole issue to herself until she figured a way out of this mess.

That minute, the phone rang, Jill answered and heard a womans voice on the line. She told Jill her name was Gail and she would like to talk to her about Eli. Jill asked Gail if that she was Elis wife and she said “yes.” They decided to meet at a local coffee shop. They arrived at the same time and Gail felt a sharp pain when she saw how beautiful Jill was. Jill was shocked this was even happening.

At first, she thought Gail was going to punch her in the face, more wisely she sat down and said she needed some answers because her heart has been broken. Feeling sorry for Gail, she answered all of her questions. Gail asked many questions about intimacy, passion, length of the relationship, how and when they met etc. Jill was very uncomfortable but she figured that was the least she could do, considering she did steal her husband. Gail was quite clever and she had manipulated Jill to tell her everything she needs for her revenge. That night Jill went home and told Eli that she had met Gail.

His mouth dropped to the floor. He was lost for words. He just prayed that Jill wouldnt leave him. Fortunately, Jill truly loved Eli. They talked for hours and hours, getting everything out in the open. They both felt closer than ever.

A few weeks later, Eli went to work as usual and Jill was reading her Bride Magazine, suddenly there was a loud bang at the door. Jill jumped up and answered the door; it was Gail. She said, “REMEMBER ME?” Frightened, Jill tried to shut the door but she was too late. Gail pulled out a needle.. Jill was crying begging her to stop, Gail just had this insane look on her face and without blinking an eye she stabbed the needle into Jill.

She even gave it a good twist just for her own personal pleasure. Finally, Gail was at ease. Jill was dead from the overdose of morphine and her plan was almost complete. Leaving the needle out on the table she plopped Jill on the couch. In front of her, she placed two more needles, a small mirror with cocaine on it, and a pound of marijuana distributed in baggies.

Gail looked around, took a deep breath and laughed to herself: “what a dumb bitch and now Eli has nothing. Theyll get him or possession of illegal substances and the intent to distribute. I bet hell be sorry now. Ha!.” Looking at the clock she realized shed better jet. About ten minutes later, the police answered a call about some screaming.

Eli was responding to the call and it was his own address! Eli drove at a ludicrous speed, almost killing himself, which probably would have been better than what was in store for him. Eli flew up the stairs with two other cops. Horrified he screamed and cried, holding Jills delicate, pale body. All he could do was rock back and forth, not paying attention to anything but Jill. Next thing Eli knew, he was being dragged away from Jill and handcuffed.

Then he looked around and saw all the drugs. Eli tried to tell the cops he was framed, the younger cop said “yeah.. yeah..tell it to the judge. We always knew you were a druggie. You left your sweet wife for this junkie? Boy, what is this world coming to?” The older cop said “we have to accept it..its just not the like the good old days.

Too bad huh?” “Yup.” See, in 2000, people experience harsh emotions and they act on them. Society has changed into a “me first” society and humans do what they feel, acting on instinct rather than rational. Gail reached the end of her rope because Eli mangled her heart. His lies caused Gail to disregard the lives of either of these people. Jill suffered a wrongful death and Eli is behind bars their souls were taken because she wanted revenge. When Marie De France wrote her story, women were demure and submissive to men. Nowadays, women have the power and authority to take a stand.

However, Jill is an example of the horror going on in 2000. There are murders, rapes, abductions, drugs, corruption, and so on. Facing daily ordeals is becoming a common place. Sadly, the lives of others are constantly being traumatized. What is worse, the compassion of our world is dropping rapidly because too much dismay is swarming in our lives.

People are getting accustomed and to not feeling as remorse. In addition, the moralistic values are sinking deeper and deeper as the years pass. Even the president of the United States lowers his standards by lying and committing adultery; and hes the head of our nation! Unfortunately our society has little control for such a chaotic environment. Shamefully, people perpetrate these misdeeds. In reality, the tale of Eliduc 2000, is a conceivable scenario we could end up reading over breakfast some morning.


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