Life Of Langston Hughes

Life Of Langston Hughes Brandy Clapp Langston Hughes 2nd Period Langston Hughes is a well- known poet who lived in the twentieth century. He wrote many poems mainly with jazz and black folk rhymes. He is remembered for his great poetry and his self- biographies. He is one of the most famous authors in the world. Langston Hughes was born in Joplin, Missouri. His parents are James Nathaniel (father) and Carrie Mercer (mother); his grandmother took care of him in Lawrence, Kansas after his parents divorced He began writing at a young age and has enjoyed it since then.

After he graduated high school in Cleveland he spent fifteen months in Mexico where his father lives. Langston is well known for his use of jazz and black folk rhymes used in his poetry. Langston has said that he only writes when he is unhappy. When he wrote his famous poem, The Negro Speaks Of Rivers, he was on his way to Mexico where he spent four years of his life. When Langstons dad died in 1934, his dad left everything to three elderly women who took care of him before he died, and Langston wasnt even mentioned in his will. It was said that his father hated Blacks and hated himself for being one.

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In conclusion, him and his father did not get along so well. By the time Langston was fourteen he had lived in Joplin, Missouri; Buffalo; Cleveland; Lawrence, Kansas; Mexico City; Topeka, Kansas; Colorado Springs, Kansas City; and Lincoln, Illinois. After he graduated in 1920 he moved to Mexico to teach English for one year. Langston was never married nor did he have any children. During Langstons life the Harlem Renaissance was taken place.

Many of the famous quotes by Langston age found in his first poem The Negro Speaks Of Rivers. Quote The River speaks. Although Langston is no longer with us today we can still remember him by his quotes, poems, and books. Langston will always be remembered by his great poetry and the use of jazz and black folk used in his poetry. Whenever the poem The Negro Speaks Of Rivers is read, the writing of Langston Hughes will be remembered. Whenever good reading is remembered the name of Langston Hughes will be mentioned.

Remember Langston as a great author in the world today even though he is no longer with us. Poetry Essays.


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