Life is a glorious gift

Life is a gift- a glorious gift given to us by the almighty. But the one to be used, not an ornament to be put on the high shelf, in case it gets cracked. It come wrapped up in many layers of paper- this gift- and to peel off the layers is to go on asking many questions, to keep seeking the truth. Each new layer is a new discovery science music art anything you like anything you want and with each new discovery (or layer) we get closer to the heart of all, to the very truth of life, and at the centre is the soul. However, the enemies at war come here in their tanks and say, Hand over that glorious gift of yours, comrade. We will take care of that glorious gift for you. Hands off. Do not peel the wrappings. Do not ask any questions. We will tell you what the truth is. If you say No, I would rather find it out myself, they stick a pistol in your neck, pull the trigger and that is the end of your glorious gift. And if you say yes and hand it over that is the end of that gift too. So all you can do is fight whether you are eleven years old or a hundred . otherwise, they will nail you up in your coffin without waiting for you to be dead.

Gayatri Gandhi

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