Life And Christ

Life And Christ In 1994 my Pa (Grandfather) died and in 1995 my Dad died and now just last month my other Grandfather died. When my Pa died I lost Faith in God for a day or to because I thought God did it for some bad reason or the other. When my other Grandfather died nothing affected me I guess because I didn’t know him that well but it did bring back memories of my father dying and another thing was that when we were at the site of the grave my Grandfather was being buried right next to my Dad and they set up all the Chairs where my Dad’s grave was and hid it. It may not seem like a big deal to most people but it had affected me. When my Dad died I lost faith more than any other time because he was so close to me he was sick with cancer and he still made time to play with me. The times I remember most was when he would sit in his recliner chair and watch T.V.

and during the commercials we would throw a miniature Nerf football back and forth. Another time would be when it was lighting and thundered outside in the middle of the night I would wake up immediately to go see my father sitting on the couch and I would go sit next to him because I was scared of thunderstorms. He was scared of thunderstorms too; I didn’t know this till after he died, and I always went in there so I wouldn’t be scared of the rain. When I found out he was scared of thunderstorms it made me think that we were protecting each other from the same fear. I think that is something that only happed because God was with us both.

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When he was in the Hospital a thunderstorm had started and he called the nurse in to open the curtains for him so he could watch and during the storm he said he saw an Angel and after that he was no longer afraid of thunderstorms. When I found out he had died I just came back from SeaWorld. After that I had lost Faith in God and stop praying. I let myself think about what had happened and realized that he had so many problems with his body that I was glad God took him into Heaven So he would have a better life. I asked God to help me with my recent problems by praying to him and one to two years later I met Joe, my stepfather, he has help me to take care of these problems, learn about the Bible, My school problems, and much, much more, he also took over the job my dad had.

I probably wouldn’t have Joe here right now if it weren’t for God. I think God put him here to help mold me. Religion Essays.


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