October 16, 2003
Donald Trotta
Sullivan County, NY
(845)794-3000 x3300
Dear Donald Trotta
My name is Jeffrey Magloire and I am a current matriculating student at Sullivan County Community College I have a couple of issues that I wanted to bring forward to your attention. As you may or may not know Sullivan County Community College has just constructed a new dormitory for incoming students. This Dormitory has opened up doors to many students that could not handle the commute to and from school. Although the dormitory has been an advantage to students traveling; the students have been living in poor condition for the last five weeks. The first problem occurred the day we walked in. The students were put into rooms where the paint smell was still resident and was the cause of two asthma attacks. We still have not received camera’s which would have been no problem if they had more than two security guards for each shift in our 350 capacity student dorm. I have read the contract that was handed to me and the dormitory has violated many promises made on that contract. The first violation has made many students drop out of school and go home and miss one semester of school. The Dormitory Corporation promised us daily maintenance on all of our bathrooms but the maintenance workers come only three times a week which has raised hazardous fumes coming from the bathroom and also the bathroom utensils are not available to students frequently which has deferred the students from having proper hygiene. The roof fire alarm has not been turned off due to the shortness of security officers and the alarm goes off every night due to loitering. They also promised that we will have telephone service which has not been honored and most of students have no way of contacting their friends and family. The School has one phone line and that one phone line is occupied by resident assistant, resident managers, security and is also the phone that security uses to contact the fire department in case of emergency. The Dormitory Corporation has not abided by their agreements; therefore the contract should be rendered void and problems need to be addressed this is why I am writing the letter I need help in forcing these problems to be resolved.

Respectfully yours,
Jeffrey Magloire

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