Kuwait To understand the Middle East is to understand our own origins, but still it is much more. It is the land of the earliest civilizations brought up on earth. An understanding of this area means the exploration of one’s past and ancestors. To understand this unique fertile land is to get to know the pople and countries of this land, to trace their footsteps over the centuries and to try and see the world through their eyes both in the past and future. In the following pages I will talk about one of these countries, Kuwait, and show it potential capability, what it has to offer to it’s people and how it struggles to get along day by day. Kuwait, a name that has resently benn known due to it’s relationship to the oil is situated at the western top of the Arabian Gulf. As seen on the map, Kuwait is sorrounded by Iraq and Saudi Arabia, all of which seem to occupy a bigger land area than this small helpful and peacful nation.

Kuwait’s population exeeds 1.9 million people and covers a total land area of more then 6 800 square miles. It’s goverment is a constitutional monarchy led by the Amir Jabir al-Ahmad al-Jabir Al-Sabah and his crown prince Sheikh Sa’ad Al-Abdullah al-Salim Al- Sabah. Kuwait’s major cities are Kuwait city, with a population of 46 00 located at 29.20N,48.00E, Salmiyah, with a population of 154 000 located at 29.20N, 48.00E and Hawali, with a population of 152 000 located at 29.20N, 48.00E. Life expectancy of the average Kuwaiti male is 69 years while the life expectancy for the female scored 74 years of age. The annual rate of growth for the GNP in kuwait is -0.6%. The GNP for agriculture in Kuwait is 0%, for indusstry 73%, for services is 27% and for defense is 6%.

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The major imports of this country are transsport equipment, manufactured goods, foodstuffs, livestock and machinery. As for it;s exports Kuwait almost entirley depends on it’s crude oil both under the ground and under the sea. Due to the prescense of the Arabian Gulf around and off the shores of this country, it’s fish and shrimp have almost filled the country. Kuwait’s agriculture is almost negligable but not it’s industries. Inside Kuwait, the country has developed industries for produsing oil, fertilizzers, chemicals, building materials, construction, desalination and for food processing. Inside Kuwait, the main languages to be spoken are Arabic and English.

Kuwait’s ethnic groups are basiclly Kuwaiti’s(39%),Other Arabs(39%), South Asians(9%) and Iranians(4%) Sunni Muslims make up most of the country’s religion whils only 15% of the people are Christians and other religions. During Ramadan(Muslim Holy month)most of the country shops close…………. A visa is required by any visitor approaching this country and a letter of guaranty is required is required grom each buisnessperson. The temperature is very hot in Kuwait and this is largley due to the desert covers this region. Lightweight clothing is best recommended except in winter months.

Only then are conservative clothes worth while wearing. The currency of Kuwait is the Kuwaiti dinar and the goverment receives 110 000 tourists yearly of which it earns more than 170 000 000 dinars. Having talked about Kuwait’s geographical location and described it’s goverment, resources, religion destribution, ethnic groups and points of interest, I will know take you back in time to the year 1931 and tell you a brief plot of how this country was formed. Back in 1930 when Britain was in control of the Arabian Peninsula, their never existed a country known as Kuwait. This land was a little Emirate who’s people lived largley on the seach for pearls and fish to eat. It’s inhabitant’s were no more than 15 000 people and it was known for being a stop route for people travelling by boat from India back to Jordon, Saudi Arabia and Iraq.

Quickly but gradually, Kuwait began building up it’s population and ocnurt.yI ‘t samnit aredw saw ti hrIqa , aengibhuo rhwso ec vilizitaoi naw sht eofnuaditnoo fam’n sihtsro ynoe raht .nIt eh1 59’0,s lAS-bahaf mali,yt ehd seneadtn sfoa l raegt irebi naSdu irAbaais teltde htsil na.dF looliwgnt ehd siocevyro fio lnit ih saldn ,rBtiia nediced dot elva etis’o ccputaoi nfot ehA ar bowlr dna dup tht eerpsnoisibilyto fg voreingnt ih saptro fht eowlr dnot ehS bahaf mali.y nOJ nu efo1 69,2K wuia taw sobnr!! tIs’b rihtw sat ehs attro fetsnoi nnit ehA ar boWlr.dI ar,qt he long time friend of Kuwait began claiming that Kuwait is his land and that it was taken from him by force from Britain who is said to have threatened him of either giving the north to Turkey or this peice of land to the Sabah family. Thinking that the latter was less useful to Iraq, he was forced to agree to give up Kuwait. In this sense, unstability remained in this region and securiness still was not good enough. Although the country of Kuwait continued to grow and develop the chance og an attack on it was very likley. During the Iraq vs. Iran war, Kuwait kept taking oil out of a transitional zone that yet had to be divided up between Iraq and Kuwait.

In the Islamic conferense of 1988, Iraq warned Kuwait that it will pay the price but no response was heard. On August the second 1990, Iraq invaded Kuwait….and yet, there was much to come. THE BATTLE FOR THE OIL SHALL CONTINUE…


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