Kung Fu As a six year old child, fighting like a Ninja was a necessary step in growing up. Since most of my six year old friends had hit this stage at about the same time as myself, we would fight each other like Ninjas. We would fight almost every day. At school, at home, on the playground, even on the gymnastic mats outside the gymnasium, where our story begins. Now after fighting day after day, we became tired of attacking each other with pretend punching and kicking.

So, because I was the braniac of the group, I suggested we look for sticks shaped like swords and spears to throw at each other. Oh, and don`t forget to pick up lots of rocks to use as throwing stars, I yelled to everyone as we spread out through the large soccer field in search of our weapons. After a few minutes, we gathered back on the mats for our ultimate battle. Now we were real fighters, armed with dangerous weapons. We were bad.

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Hyung-Chai yelled one child, as he smacked another boy in the back of the head with a stick no thinner than his own arm. A loud Thwack was heard, followed by more cries and the swinging of weapons. Most children ran away with mild scrapes but finally the black Ninja (Michael Scott) and I were all who remained. Now I was pumped, throwing jump kicks and shouting gibberish Ninja words to intimidate my opponent. No one could catch me. I was invincible. I was Ki..

Thwack.² Stunned yet still conscious, I lay on my back, paralyzed by the fact that I had been defeated. Then, I tasted the blood in my mouth. And all went black. I slowly, cautiously, walked towards the mirror, my arms outstretched, inching my feet across the linoleum floor and blindly groping for objects that might be hidden inside the darkness of the small, stuffy room. Suddenly, a strange face appeared in the mirror. But it didn`t look like me. Sure it had my face, but it had one mutant eye that was glowing fluorescent purple.

I stared at it.. and the grotesque eye stared back at me. I waved to it.. and the figure waved back to me. Astonished and scared, I slowly backed away from the savage face. The evil eye followed me, stared at me, laughed at me.. Alright, that`s enough excitement for today, Spencer.

With a flash, the lights came back on, blinding my eyes and jolting me back to reality, and safety. ³I¹m sorry Spencer, but I`m going to have to put a bandage over that eye of yours, ² said Dr. Kosh. Now remember, the gel on your eye will only last a few hours, so don`t try to take the bandage off to look at it again. Eye injuries can be very dangerous, you’re lucky you were not hit harder or you might be blind.

O.K. Dr. Kosh, I said. How long to I have to keep the bandage on? Only a few days Spencer. Now go outside and don`t get into anymore fights. I walked out of his office and into the lobby where my mother was waiting. Together we walked outside into the hot summer sun.


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