Korn Korn Message or Outrage In discussing the judgement of today’s rock bands, it seems as though they need to earn respect first, then do what they please. Earning respect first may sound fair but some bands are possibly doing the opposite on purpose to be more appealing to the younger generation. A band whose music, attitude, and lifestyle that falls into this rebellious nature would be KORN. The material that KORN produces is not as objectionable as it is made out to be. Issues such as the success of the band, the Family Values Tour, and their relation to teen suicide and narcotic abuse are some further aspects to look into.

The first issue that is brought to one’s attention would be how Korn’s success has not had to depend on frequent radio and TV airplay. In true fact KORN has had barely any radio play at all, not to mention the fact that most of their videos can appear only after twelve o’clock at night. Even after the lack of airplay, KORN always appears to get their message across. Their dedicated fans have continually been there to support them, and the producers who didn’t pick up on them in the first place are now wallowing in sorrow due to the bands international success. With all the success come weeks and months of ongoing touring.

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The Family Value’s Tour issue was created on purpose to upset the parents of the younger teens who go to see the show. This tour consists of a number of different bands who are all put in the same genre of offensive, rude, vulgar, or violent lyrics. These bands just wish to express their emotions through music because they know young people enjoy it and they can understand where the bands are coming from. The Family Value’s Tour is also a getaway from the pressures of real life. It can be a way to express one’s self in the mass hysteria of loud thumping music and excited fans.

With the response that KORN and the Family Value’s gang gets from its fans (some teens have come to KORN crying and thanking them because their music has helped them through a tough time), it’s hard to see how they can be looked upon as influences of violence and narcotics. KORN, along with many bands, have been directly linked to teen suicide, violence, and narcotic abuse. This is a very serious issue to consider. For one to say that someone has killed himself or herself because they listened to a song is outrageous. There must have been more underlying problems with such an individual. People are responsible for their own actions.

Fred Durst from the band Limp Bizkit (a band on the Family Value’s Tour) explains in an interview, The message that these bands are trying to get across is nothing harmful whatsoever. We are not telling kids to go out and kill someone, or to go out drinking and doing drugs. The music is all about emotion, and I don’t think parents can understand that. This quote delivered a very true statement about what these bands are trying to say. Also one would believe that humans, even kids, would be smart enough not to take the lyrics to heart. Young teens can relate to this music as a form of relieving stress, or pain that their daily lives give out.

KORN may actually be doing society a favor by keeping a lot of kids off the streets and from committing crimes. In conclusion, the discussion of these issues: Korn’s success, The Family Values Tour, and the bands relation to teen violence and narcotics one has to consider all the information displayed in the argument. Then some may come to the conclusion that Korn’s music and material deserves to be given a chance Bibliography none Music.


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