Kid Kustomers

English 101 A
Kid Kustomers, by Eric Schlosser, is a very truthful and urgent essay
on how our children could be lured into the consumer world. The marketing
world is evil and trickery. They advertise ads that specifically focus on
children. This is a way to have two consumers instead of one. In this essay
Schlosser gives a little bit of the background of how marketers focused on
children and why are children viewed as vulnerable targets.

Before the 1980s, companies did not notice children can be consumers.

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Only a few companies like Disney and McDonalds had their consumers included
with kids. Not until the 1980s did America companies think children can be
included as consumers. The cause that children were pushed to be consumer
is because parents are more and more needed at their jobs and they are
starting to spend less and less time with their children. Consequently,
parents started to feel sorry for their children. In turn they use money to
compensate for the less spent time by buying their kids toys. This move
motioned a big wave of marketers think about how they can make some money
off kids. This first started in the 1980s but will continue well into the
future because marketing companying punctuated and ceased this opportunity
to open up the consumer world even more.

Children are innocent and vulnerable, but don’t underestimate the
aptitude of them. According to the essay, children are brand loyalists.

This means they will stay with the brand they first recognized and liked
and they will stay them from ‘crib to cradle’. Because kids are brand
loyalist, marketers tested the age kids started to recognize things. They
find that kids recognized things even before they can speak their own name.

This is around the age of two or three. At this age children can recognize
product names and logos. This was great for marketers. They use this to
create more and more logos that fits in the eye of children like big purple
dinosaurs, Barney. The reason marketer use animals is because during their
study they found that kids before ten dreams 80% of the time about stuff
animals. These also helped the marketers to move closer to the kids market.

Children have one great disadvantage and that is they can nag.

Professor of Texas A;M University found out children uses 7 different ways
to nag. They nag to get want they want. With the pleading, persistent,
forceful, demonstrative, sugar-coated, threatening, and pity nags, parent
usually back down and fulfills their children’s wish. This was good for
businesses. This is exactly what they wanted. With parents obeying their
children, the vulnerability of children and their greatrecognition
abilities, marketer squeezed kid consumers intotheworldmarket.

Children’s ads are now more and more common because children can spread the
words themselves. This was the way marketers lured children into the adult
consumer world.


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