Kelly Couch

Kelly Couch February 25, 1997 Period 1 Character Journal Hamlet – Act V I have much to write about on this day, yet I cannot rightfully do it because I have tragically been killed. So, I will tell the story, as a spirit to the world. My life ended in a miserable way. Revenge was on my mind, as well as others. I completed the task that I had set forth to myself.

I will start where I last left off. As I am walking with Horatio to the burial of Ophilia, we hear a gravedigger singing of odd things. We stop and watch him for a few moments and then when he begins to throw bones into the air, move out from our cover and inquire of his purpose. He then rambles on and on with strange wording, speaking of his call to be a gravedigger and his life existing since Hamlet Jr. was born. He continues to speak, telling me of a skull that was once Yorick.

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I tell him of how I had once known him and that he was one of my favorite jesters. Then, I began to carry-on about dying, and how people may be part of the wall. Then, as the funeral people begin to come in, Horatio and I move away, somewhat hidden and listen to the chitchat. The people are complaining of the unluxurious burial. Then, Laertes jumps onto the coffin and begins exclaiming that he wants to be buried next to her.

I then enter, jumping onto the coffin with him and tell him of how he could never love her as much as I did. I then leave, after getting a ‘load’ off my chest. Horatio, still with me, listens as I tell him all the details of my trip to England, and back. I tell of rewriting the letters and being taken captive by the pirates. Then, Osric enters and after much speaking, informs of the request to a dual with Laertes. Then, when I am asked to come, I go to the dual. Laertes thinks I will lose, but I assure him that I have been working on my swordsmanship for some time. When I arrive, most of the royal people are there.

I ask Laertes for my forgiveness before the dual begins and he won’t except my apology until he has spoken to experts about his honor and reputation. I thank him and request for the swords and tell Laertes that he will be great, but he thinks I am making fun of him. We then receive our swords and the king tells of a wager. I take my foil and inquire of its length compared with the others. The king then tells me that I will be honored if I make the first or second hit.

He will give a pearl to the winner as well. I get the first hit and am offered wine, but refuse because I am still dueling. I get a second hit and then take a short break. Gertrude offers me a drink, but I again refuse. When we begin fighting again, Laertes gets a hit on me and we sort of fight, and end up trading swords.

I then hurt Laertes-and at the same time Gertrude collapses. As I see Laertes on the ground, he begins confessing and saying that he is justly killed. Then I begin screaming for my mother who appears to be dead. Claudius assures me that she has fainted because of the blood, but she speaks out, saying that a poisoned drink killed her. She dies.

I am mad, confused and dying now. I yell for the doors to be closed and tell Claudius to explain to the rest of the court what is going on. After Laertes speaks of Claudius wrong doing, I lunge and kill him. Then, Laertes dies, just after asking my forgiveness of any wrong doings. Now, I must die, but first I tell Horatio to report the true story of what happened and to clear my name.

Now, as I am looking back down on that backward and wrong world, I see that justice has been served. My father has been redeemed and my name shall not be tarnished. My only regret is not being able to live my life out with Ophilia.


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