Katie Gazay

Period five
How Did Amy Lowell’s career start? Her
poetic career started in 1902 when she saw Eleonora Duse, a famous
actress perform on stage. Overcome by Eleonora’s beauty and talent,
Amy wrote her first poem about Eleonora Duse. When Amy saw her on
stage it filled her with a great inspiration. They met only a couple
of times and never began a relationship. Eleonora inspired many poems
from Amy and triggered her career. She wrote several love poems for
her. It was her who also inspired her attraction to women. Amy fell
very much in love with her, but it was never to be.

How was Amy educated? Amy attended a
series of private schools in Brooklyn and Boston. At school she was
“The terrier of the Faculty.” Amy’s schooling included the usual
classes English, History, French, Literature, and a bit of Italian.

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When Amy was seventeen she had too take a leave form her private
schools, to take care of her elderly parents. Amy’s parents had five
kids. Amy the oldest had to take care of them after they passed away.

Because higher education was not an option for the Lowell women, she
put herself through “rigorous” programs. Amy had a lot of education
and was always willing for more.

How did Amy’s love life affect her poetry? Amy
Lowell was a lesbian writer. She fell in love with Ada Russell,
another actress, who inspired some beautiful poetry. In the beginning,
as with her previous poems about women, she wrote in such a way that
only those who knew the inspiration for a poem would recognize its
lesbian context. After a while she wrote pictures of the floating
world, her poems about Ada became more graphic. Ada was Amy’s subject
of many explicit poems. The two women traveled to England together,
where Lowell met Ezra Pound, who at once became a major influence and
a major critic of her work. But though she had a strong feelings for
Ezra, she loved Ada tell the end of time her last poem was written for


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