Juvenile Crime Boot Camps

.. and show great progress to be controllers, and accountants, giving the kids an even greater sense of responsibility. After the kids got out of boot camp, they would be required to return to the boot camp to give talks on how their lives have changed since going through the program. The graduates would also be required to give peer tutoring, one hour for every day they were incarcerated, as a way to give back to the camp. This would give the kids who get out a reason not to do it again because they would see how their freedoms were actually stilted and it will help the kids in the camp by giving them a role model, a person who has been through similar things and came out on top. To get into such a facility, the juvenile would have to fulfill certain requirements: 1.

The juvenile could have no more than 5 misdemeanors and one felony, 2. The juvenile must enter a plea of either no contest or guilty, 3. Must not have gone through the boot camp program more than twice already 4. The juveniles parent or guardian must sign away their right to sue incase of injury or other incidents, 5. Considered a juvenile within the states they reside, and 6.

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They must be able to cope with the camps atmosphere both physically and mentally {a judge will determine this.). (Zaehringer 4) In this Boot camp there will be a set schedule beginning at 8:00 am and ending at 10:00p.m. During the day, time will be allocated to working at their jobs, learning new skills, meal times, and general education. The inmates will have free time in the evening from 7:00pm to 9:30pm when lockdown will occur with lights out at 10:00. Discipline will be tough with a zero tolerance policy and punishment similar to those in a military boot camp. During their stay at the camp, inmates will be pushed to their limits emotionally and physically so that they can be rebuilt into model citizens.

Many people today are afraid of the power that is needed to stop the surge in juvenile crime. They worry that if we give the camps power over kids that they will be beaten and possibly molested by the older kids in the camp. However this is a fallacy and in fact a majority of society want a get tough policy. (Current Events 2a) Of course the guards and such would have a lot of power, but it is necessary to discipline the kids properly. Did we have death by homicide as the second highest killer of juveniles (Reporting on Violence)? No, the people back then were strict and stern in the way they made and kept the laws and rules. Todays guards and teachers need similar discipline to curb the violence.

Another problem that society has with boot camps is that if it doesnt solve the problem, all we will do is create smarter more disciplined criminals. Now that is a high possibility, but with the proper attention from the camp administration those who seem to be like that shall be pulled aside and given a thorough mental examination. This shall prove whether or not the are truly criminalistic or just genetically not able to curb the aggression that they feel. If they were the latter, they would be put into contact with mercenary guilds across the United States for further training and later employment. The final argument that some of the population has against boot camps is their militaristic nature. Beside the above stated problems with turning out a fine tuned criminal, others believe that the inmates will simply bottle up their anger and aggression inside during their sentence and release it out in society when they have been released. This will hopefully stopped by the peer tutoring and mentoring that the inmates will have during their sentence and will continue to have after prison for the determined time by being another role model.

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