John Keats And Bob Dylan

John Keats And Bob Dylan Why Judgments Matter, gives many examples of why value judgments are important in our lives. I feel that value judgments are as equally important and it should be evident why after briefly explaining Friths examples and my own as well. In his first example, Mr. Frith gives insight to David Hares comment, “In the end, Keats was just better than Bob Dylan”. The media, without delay, misjudged the true meaning of Hares statement and transposed it into a debate of value.

Although Mr. Frith did not agree with the medias tactics, he did agree with the value debate. Mr. Frith Feels that value judgments”organize social relations” in our life, and he further proves this point using an example from popular music. Mr.

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Frith focuses on views in music studies. Judgments about musicians are generally made in two ways. Firstly, is the elevation of excitement with community(joining of performers and their audience). Secondly, aesthetic and ethical sub-tones during community. This value placed upon the musicians is very important, this is possibly the deciding factor in the performers career. If more fans come to a concert, then the performer becomes more popular or valuable.

The same goes for the messages sent out by the performer during a performance. A message that is widely accepted and adorned will attract more fans. I find that the critical analysis of value judgments in our lives is of equal importance. I agree with Mr. Friths findings and find them to be true in other life settings as well.

As individuals we use value judgments to prioritize important characteristics in our life, which shape us into cultural individuals. We place a high judgment on the social aspect of our culture. Some examples of this include; friendships, personal appearances, and material items. In friendships, we place value judgment on moral attributes set by others. It is these attributes that we judge to be worthy or unworthy of our friendship.

Those of similar moral values tend to find each other in companionship. In personal appearances, we place value on what we represent ourselves to be. Higher income families tend to pay more attention to this value for it is a language in which is unspoken. Financial value of ones appearance and the personal value (self esteem) of ones self tend to run parallel. People place different values on the material items they posses.

Two families may bring the same income into a household, and posses some of the similar materials. However, it is the value they place on their material items that make them different. It is this difference that brings out the subjective individuality. “Evaluation is a key cultural activity”, according to Frith. Without evaluation we would not be able to set some separation between each other as individuals, eventually becoming numb to culture as we know it.

I feel it is imperative that we evaluate every aspect of our lives, in turn ensuring the greatest personal happiness. How does one attain a favorite? Not by suggestion of a higher authority, but by evaluation. Putting value on things and making value judgments is what enables us to label what we like and what makes us happy. Without it, we would not be happy.


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