Joe Dimaggio

#Joe DiMaggio
The Yankee Clipper
Andy Burford
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May 5, 2000Appendix
Joe DiMaggio
Andy Burford
Joe DiMaggio
Joe DiMaggio was one of the best baseball players of all time. He set many records, including the longest wining streak in Major League Baseball history, it lasted 56 games. He came to America as the son of poor Italian immigrants, but grew up to be an American Icon.

Joseph Paul DiMaggio was born on November 25, 1914. His parents were Giuseppe Paolo DiMaggio and Rosalie DiMaggio. He had three brothers and three sisters. His brothers were Michael DiMaggio, Tom DiMaggio, and Vince DiMaggio. His sisters were Dominic, Nellie, and Marie DiMaggio. His father was a fisherman, and his family was poor. They lived in an old, small shack. Vince DiMaggio dropped out of high school and turned his back on fishing. He worked at a fruit stand but still had a lot of talent in baseball. He was looked at by semi-pro teams like the Seals. Both of his older brothers played semi-pro baseball for over one hundred dollars a month. He joined the San Francisco Seals and played for them. Joe DiMaggio grew up in San Francisco and went to school there. He was not bad at school through his elementary year but when he got to high school he didnt fit in. He was a poor son of a fisherman and his schoolmates were higher classed. He dropped out of high school in 10th grade. He worked as a truck loader, and he crated oranges and worked at a factories, but he was not satisfied doing these odd jobs for minimum wage. He thought that being his brothers Tom and Vince played professional ball for the San Francisco Seals he might be able to too. They played for over $100.00 a month. In 1932 he joined the San Francisco Seals. That year he played 186 games with the Seals. That is a huge amount of games for one season. Joe played for the Seals from 1932-35, but made a large impact on major league baseball scouts.
In nineteen thirty-five, Joe DiMaggio was invited to go to spring training with the New York Yankees. He met the baseball player Lou Gehrig, and other great ball players. Jerry Coleman, the Yankees second baseman, said about Joe, Nothing made Joe happier then to do well in a big series and help the club win. He was a winner in the finest sense of the word. He was simply the greatest ball player I ever saw and its not easy to carry that burden. Joe carried it with class and dignity. When the Yankees left fielder, Charlie Keller met Joe, he said, When I came to the Yankees, I think everyone recognized that Joe was already the best player in the game. But the relationship with Joe and the other guys wasnt close. I couldnt say that. But he was a solid guy, and if anyone ever need help or advice or anything like that, Joe was there. Pete Sheely, the Yankee clubhouse manager, said, I can describe Joe in one word: class. He was the most perfect ballplayer I ever saw, but he was I shy fellow. I will tell you something else though. When Joe DiMaggio enters the clubhouse, the lights flicker, hes the star. Joe DiMaggio was great baseball player. The Yankees bought DiMaggio in 1936. That season a high school class in Cincinnati was asked to name the greatest American of all time. George Washington finished second, DiMaggio finished first. Abraham Lincoln placed third. During his career Joe DiMaggio played in nine World Series. In 1946, Rosalie DiMaggio died. DiMaggio hit way below his normal average, hitting only .290. That was his career low in batting average. The next spring, in 1947, he was almost traded for Ted Williams. The Boston Red socks also asked for Yogi Berra in a trade. The Yankees turned down both. Yogi Berra was also a great player. Joe DiMaggio won his third MVP in his career and hit two home runs in the World Series that year. The New York Yankees won the World Series in 1947. On February 7, 1949, DiMaggio became the first $100,000 ballplayer in Major League Baseball History. They Yankees were doing excellent, but unfortunately, in a game before the end of that season, Joe severely injured his knee and achilles tendon. It heeled enough to play before the end of the pennant race and that year they won the pennant, but they were beat in the World Series. He helped the Yankees win the pennant. In 1951 he retired with a .325 career batting average. Through out his career he hit sometimes over .400. He played on the Major League Baseball All-Star team during every season of his career. He was named to the Hall of Fame in 1955. He tied for the fastest amount of time in being voted in to the Hall of Fame, three years. He tied with Mel Ott. In 1952-53, Joe DiMaggio started to date Marilyn Monroe, a famous movie actress. On January 14, 1954, they were married in a small church in San Francisco. They had a lot of problems. They traveled to Japan for a while; Joe DiMaggio held some baseball clinics. When they returned to the United States, they moved San Francisco, but Marilyn wanted to move to Los Angeles, so they did. Joe DiMaggio did not like all the media and attention in Hollywood, but Marilyn wanted him to stay there. Their marriage fell apart and on October 27, 1954, they were divorced. On August 4, 1962, Marilyn Monroe committed suicide by overdosing on drugs. Joe DiMaggio helped organize her funeral. After his baseball career, Joe DiMaggio did some commercials for a bank and a coffee company. On October of 1998, Joe DiMaggio had lung cancer surgery. He fell ill of cancer and infection and on March 8, 1999, he died. He died in his house in Florida. His Career stats are batting average, .352. He hit 361 home runs, he was a three time MVP, and he had 11 All-Star appearances, and won nine World Series. Joe DiMaggio was one of the best Baseball players of all time.
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Joe DiMaggio
Controlling Purpose-The purpose about this report is to tell about the life of one of the best baseball players ever, Joe DiMaggio.

I- Early Life
A.) Birth
B.) Family
C.) School
1.) Elementary School
2.) High School
D.) Jobs
II- San Francisco Seals
A.) Getting There
B.) Career Stats for the Seals
III- Yankees
A.) Early Career
B.) Team Leader
C.) Career Stats for the Yankees
IV- Family Life
A.) Marriage
1.) Marilyn Monroe
2.) Dorothy Arnold
B.) Children
V- After the Yankees
A.) After the Yankees
B.) Death


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