Jesus And Apocalypses

Jesus And Apocalypses Who was Jesus? Why its so hard to know The author examines several methods that have evolved over the centuries in interpretation of the New Testament. Scholars try various ways to find the facts of who Jesus was and how he did the things he did. Supernatural histories were one method of explanation of the events in the New Testament. During the pre-Enlightenment years, scholars explained that events in the bible as actual truths, things that have happened for fact and by word. Science hadnt been used for reasoning yet and methods for understanding things like sickness and natural catastrophes were always linked to a supernatural source.

Natural histories evolved during the enlightenment period as a logical method of understanding ancient scriptures. This rationalistic view of the bible insists that events and “miracles” of the New Testament were in fact misunderstandings of science and natural laws at the time when science wasnt understood. Things were labeled a miracle because the concepts to understand these things were yet available. Myths were introduced by a German philosopher David Strauss. Myths were religious stories that could happen but didnt really.

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Instead the myth is to teach a religious meaning through interpretation. Biblical stories vary from author to author, especially within the 4 Gospels. Each book tells basically the same story in conflicting ways. The birth, life and death of Jesus is told but yet every Gospel varies from the other in story. These conflictions bring up questions of fact, authenticity, and reality.


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