Is the brain reliable

Is the Brain Reliable?
The definition of the word reliable according to the American Heritage Dictionary is the capability of being relied on and dependable. In my personal opinion, the brain is one of the most reliable pieces of equipment that I have ever encountered. The power of the brain and its capabilities are endless. The human brain possesses both validity and consistency, while at the same time processing thousands of pieces of data a second and relaying the data into select portions of the brain. There are several aspects that are included in the brain: memory, perception, learning, consciousness, thinking, language, intelligence, motivation, emotion, personality, and sensation. These different aspects are reliant upon the brain, and without the brain the body would not be able to function.
The human brain is a reliable mechanism that is capable of performing many multifaceted tasks. The brain is composed of numerous parts that work as an auxiliary to the brain, which help it function each and every day. Each individual has two portions of the brain inside his or her head, a left and a right hemisphere. The right hemisphere controls the left hand, musical and artistic ability, perception of space, imagination and fantasizing, body control, and awareness. The left portion of the brain is involved with the right hand, logical thinking, language ability, writing, math, and science work. The brain is able to decipher which side it needs to use in order to complete a subjective task. Each ability is dependent upon the brain to process the knowledge that is needed at certain times.
The major dilemma involving the brain is whether or not it is a reliable source. The brain is a complex resource that is capable of processing just about anything. The brain can accomplish any task that it is given. It can maintain thousands of pieces of data and send the information to different parts of the body. For example, when a person is about to touch a hot stove, your brain sends an impulse to the hand. The impulse tells the hand to pull away from the hot stove. It is a reflex that is commanded by the brain in order help keep the body safe. If the brain were not reliable, people would think about their actions before they made a decision. But, since the brain is reliable, people are allowed to do things as instincts and if there is something wrong, the brain will alert the body.
An important issue of the brain involves the aspect of nature versus nurture. Nature deals with what you are born into the world with. Nurture deals with the environment, flexibility, and changes that can be made. An example of this is becoming fluent in more than one language. The way you become more fluent in a language is becoming acclimated to and using the language and also by the memorization of the words. The brain is relied upon to remember the information regarding the language. As a result, the body depends upon the brain to carry out certain abilities, such as language skills. If you grow up in an environment where speaking another language is natural, the language will become a normal day-to-day activity and the brain can by depended upon to a greater degree.

The brain is an amazing feature because it is so small and its degree of reliability is so large that it is unexplainable. The brain is similar to a mini super-computer because of its processing capabilities and its small size of nearly three pounds. It is an adaptable organ of the human body that can rely on its surroundings to learn new information. The brain is a complex machine, but at the same time it is a simple contraption, as shown by needing very little or no work to keep the brain functioning. It is like fitting a hot air balloon inside a toaster oven, it just should not happen!
The brain is as reliable as a person makes it out to be. The more a person develops and learns, the more reliable the brain becomes. The brain is like a sponge, retaining and absorbing knowledge. As the individual allows their knowledge to develop and expand, they can rely on the brain more often. The body counts on the brain to remember different things and to store them until the information is needed. Another comparison is that of the muscles of the human body. Muscles grow larger with work and with strength building. They increase in size and capacity over time and development. When a muscle becomes larger, it is able to lift more weight than it used to. This is the same for the brain because after a person learns more information and expands their knowledge, they are capable of possessing more knowledge.
There is only one aspect to which I feel the brain is not reliable. It involves Alzheimers disease because no matter how much information a person knows or develops, they still cannot remember all of it. It is a memory lapse that is uncontrollable and in this case the brain cannot be relied upon. The extent of the reliability of the brain comes in the form of an opinionated answer. Reliability is something that is made by the person, and not by the someone else. It can be increase up to certain levels, and it can be decreased as you get older. It is a controllable substance that people can change if they wish to do so. Reliability is not something that is gained over a period of one night, but gained over time of practice and persistence. Overall I feel that the brain is a reliable source for the human body because of its vast capabilities to remember and the trustworthiness of the brain.
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