.. his journey toward leader of the Nazi party. AUSTRIA Hitler rose to the challenge of being granted admission into art school. He needed a secondary school certificate to get in but he did not have one. Instead, he went back to Stumpergasse and settled and did some studies which were nothing more than doodling and reading. Hitler refused to admit his rejection and became more and more detached from reality. He convinced his family that he had not failed the entrance exam to the art academy but was actually studying in Vienna.

Adolf met a Professor Roller from the Imperial Opera who offered to examine Hitler’s painting and advise him on his career. Roller’s offer exacerbated Adolf’s excessive optimism and provided him with a reason to actually go to Vienna. He managed to persuade his friend Kubizek to join him in Vienna by February 1908. The boys had some trouble arranging for a place to stay in Vienna. Kubizek was accepted into the Academy for Music while Hitler stayed at home complaining about Realschule, the Academy, and all the people who had interfered with his dreams.

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As time passed Hitler became increasingly interested in politics. Hitler’s life yet again fell apart and he left for Stumpergasse. After that he moved to Felberstrasse where he bought a magazine called Ostara. This was a racist magazine that described struggles between Aryan people and non-Aryan people. The magazine wanted people to fight for the Aryan cause. Hitler really enjoyed these magazines and continued to buy them regularly.

Hitler eventually went totally broke and was forced to live in the streets like a vagrant. By 1909 he was a full-time tramp, hanging out with them and becoming a part of their society. Hitler became sick in the year that followed and his vagabond friend Hanisch became worried. After the winter had passed Hitler and Hanisch started selling Hitler’s drawings. They started to make bigger and better paintings and drawings until his paintings could be sold for as much as 10 kronen.

As Hitler became more interested in politics he sent letters to the Social Democratic Party denouncing their ways. Hitler’s friend Hanisch stole one of Hitler’s paintings and sold it, then was later arrested and put in jail for several days. Without someone to sell his paintings Hitler once again lapsed into laziness and desperate poverty. After a while he decided he could sell his own paintings so he sat by the Maennerheim and painted watercolors for people to buy. By getting all the profit from the paintings himself instead of giving half to Hanisch he could afford to maintain a clean-cut appearance and have immaculate looking clothes. By 1912-1913 he had become terribly politically active.

He would attack regularly the Jesuits and promote Pan-Germanic ideas. He became an active anti-Semite that year. He tried to leave Austria when he was 24, but had many troubles because he failed to fill out important paperwork. Eventually he snuck out unobtrusively with another man. GERMANY Hitler arrived in Germany with little political knowledge and no familiarity at all of Germany. He had difficulty meeting people and was somewhat nervous around important men.

His war experiences hardened him. In his own words, It was with feelings of pure idealism that I set out for the front in 1914. Then I saw men falling around me in thousands. Thus I learned that life is a cruel struggle and has no other object but the preservation of the species. The individual can disappear, provided there are other men to replace him.

Some of his war experiences helped him be less of a loner and more politically active. Unfortunately not much information on Hitler’s arrest or any of his years from the end of the war to the begging of his rise to power were available. Hitler was jailed for a time when he wrote Mein Kampf or My Struggle in which he describes the Nazi movement’s ideas and much of his life. After he was released from prison he somehow became associated with the Nazis, which was formed in 1919, and he roamed toted he countryside. He visited with many young people that were part of a group that believed Germany should go back to the days with no permanent settlements or an economy. Many of the Nazi’s views were the same as this group’s so many of the people from it became Nazi party leaders.

Later in his political career Hitler became leader of the Nazi party and brought them to their zenith. ACCOMPLISHMENTS Hitler accomplished great many things in his life. The two major things were setting the Nazi party up to being the largest party in the parliament. The second was pulling Germany out of despair and taking over half of Europe. THE NAZI PARTY Hitler, being the leader of the Nazi party wanted them to do well. Because of the failure of the previous parties in the parliament, the Nazi party got 14.7 million votes and had the most seats in parliament in Germany at the time.

Their popularity rose almost 37% in one term. There were several factors involved in this. The first was the failure of previous other government parties to deliver Germany out of poverty. The other chancellors had failed and they lost in a vote of non-confidence. Hitler was appointed chancellor on January 30, 1933. Hindenburg who was the president at the time had to appoint Hitler because of two factors: Papen, the chancellor who preceded Hitler was voted out by a vote of non-confidence. The other reason is that Hindenburg was a royalist and believed that Hitler could return Germany to a royalist state without breaching the constitution, which Hindenburg seriously believed in.

So the Nazi party took control and turned Germany into a dictatorship based on terror. THE WAR Hitler’s ultimate goal was the establishment of a greater Germany than had ever existed before in history. To do this Hitler planned to use Russia to help him take over Europe, then dispose of Russia. The only country he could see blocking his goal was France. So France needed to be eliminated. Germany did not need to fight a war on three fronts so they formed allies with some countries and took over others.

To accomplish this Hitler appeased the working class while eliminating his political rivals though complicated moves and gifts to followers of the opposition so they would become loyal to him. He was able to fully take over by the Fritsch crisis where a general married a woman who did not comply with the moral code, so Hitler used the opportunity to remove the defense minister and completely take over the government. There is only speculation about how Hitler finally assembled a large enough army to wage war. Germany was heavily in debt but Hitler arranged to bring it out of debt and made Germany the second most powerful nation in the world. No other man could have accomplished such a feat, for Hitler was a truly great man. FUTURE ASPIRATIONS Hitler would have first and foremost loved to eradicate all the non-Aryan people on the face of the planet and eventually have a master race.

He would have also liked to take over Russia but he attacked too early in the war and made foolish decisions about the time of year in which to attack. So although he reached the goal of killing 6 million Jews and conquering a good portion of Europe he was morally wrong and was eventually defeated. CONCLUSION Hitler was a man of many talents and gifts. He struggled through hardship and poverty to triumph and to become both the most famous and the most infamous man in history. He died tragically at the low point of his life, maybe regretting the mistakes he made.

The world would be a very different place if it weren’t for him, and although the things he did were wrong the human race benefited from his actions. For he taught us not to act at the last moment when people are suffering, and he showed the German people that they could be a nation and stand strong against the power of the world. He also taught the countries of the world to forget their differences and to act against a common evil. And he taught us hardship and suffering. Something that will make the human race stronger in the long run.


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