Interview With An Exotic Darcer

Tracy Williams, stage name Demure, is a nineteen year old African American. She is employed at a popular gentlemens club in South Central Los Angeles. Tracy is studying for a degree in sociology part-time because she has a daughter to look after. Next year, she will attend school full-time.
Raised an army brat, Tracy loves to read books about places and people. She loves to learn and graduated from high school one year early with high academic marks. Instead of going on to college ahead of her peers, Tracy delivered a daughter at the age of 17.She has been a single mother on her own ever since. Tracy is 5 10 and lean at 130 pounds. Remarkably, the experience of pregnancy and childbirth last left no physical evidence on her perfectly, smooth butterscotch-colored skin. She is currently wearing her hair at a long, even cascade of light brown waves. Occasionally, Tracy wears violet, blue or green contact lenses to complete her light palette. Tracy is considering breast augmentation surgery to enhance her career.

I found out that stripping is convenient and fun. Tracy has been working as an exotic dancer for twelve months. Raising her child on welfare, which was only meeting her bills, Tracy needed more money to pay for college, including child care costs, transportation, fees and books. Before she began performing she waited tables. That job provided her with only $7-$8 an hour before taxes. After paying babysitters she was left with only about $2-$3 profit per hour of paid work. The money Tracy makes will help her achieve her educational goals as well as pay for high quality child care. Tracy said this about her new choice of work, This job is great for me because I can do it when my daughter is asleep and so I get to spend more time with her and I make good money. Way more than any run of the mill part-time job anyway.

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Brought up in a very religious household, Tracys parents taught her that the sex industry was part of societys undoing. She strongly believed in that family value until last year, when she visited a gentlemens club to experience it for herself. Although Tracy had not considered working as an exotic dancer before, upon her first visit, the management approached her with a job offer which she accepted. She has no intentions of telling her family about it and she hopes that they never find out. Tracy comes from a very religious family whose values are very much against the sex industry. She feels that if her family found out, they would be very very upset.

Tracy had this to say about her job in regards to her private life, I would not tell someone like a landlord or a credit company unless I had to by law. I know that there are still a lot of people who strongly disapprove with what I do and so would make things hard for me and try to get their two cents worth in. It is not worth it! But when people like acquaintances find out they always have the same thing to say: You could easily find a job that did not involve taking your clothes off. They tend to think that I do not actually want to do it. Even customers, after talking to me, say things like this.

One aspect of Tracys job that sometimes bothers her is peoples attitude toward strippers. It annoys me that people assume all strippers are sluts and also that we are exploited, Tracy said. I am not open to having sex with anybody, also I am not exploited! I enjoy my job and if anyone is exploited then it is the men who come to the club! They dish out dollars and dollars for lap dances because they are so turned on and cannot get enough! It is really interesting to watch how helpless and uncomfortable some men get in the face of female sexuality.
Tracy feels that the best rewards to come out of her job are the money and the time. Tracy has enough money to pay for things like college and time to teach her daughter at home before she is old enough to attend school.

I really appreciate the genuinely nice people that I meet each night in the club, said Tracy when asked what made her job enjoyable. She takes special pleasure in meeting good people while working in the club. She also values her friendships with the other dancers. We come from different walks of life and yet we share something very special together, Tracy said.
Along with the likes of Tracys job, there are a few dislikes that Tracy would rather work without. After dancing for the first time, Tracy had bruises all over her knees and various places on her legs and arms. You cannot feel it at the time you are dancing but afterwards you have bruises everywhere.
Tracy had this to say to the ladies who have been thinking about working as a stripper. Go for it! Try not to let anything hold you back. If you want to get involved, then go ahead and feel proud of yourself and never worry about what people think. Usually people are strangely supportive when you least expect it. Stripping is far more fun than most people think. Great money, too. Feel good about your body no matter what shape or size because strippers are like everyone, they come in all shapes and sizes and they all are enjoyed by their customers.

She accepted the offer, and immediately, dreams of all of the money to be made entered her mind.


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