Interview with an alien

Interview with an Alien
Ida Kannenberg, an elderly lady, lives in
Hillsboro, Oregon, where she and her husband own
and operate a successful antique shop. Although she
is now nearly eighty, she continues to travel all
over the world searching out and buying antiques
for their shop. She is highly energetic, well-
educated, and interested in a wide variety of subjects.

Mrs. Kannenberg’s first physical UFO encounter
took place in 1940, during a night when she was
out on the desert. At first she was only able to
remember a blazing red object coming toward her, but
not what happened afterwards. The shock was so
great that for many years she remained confused as
to what had actually happened to her. In 1968, she
began to have telepathic experiences, which were
initially very frightening. In 1980, she tried being
regressed under hypnosis by Dr. Leo Sprinkle. During
the sessions conducted by Dr. Sprinkle, she was unable
to recall what her captors looked like, but did remember
that technological implants had been made, including
audio-visual implants. The UFO entities can see through
her eyes and hear through her ears. She is aware of
the continuous presence of what she calls her “live-in
companion,” who answers to the name of Hweig.

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Mrs. Kannenberg realizes that Hweig would be
explained away by conventional scientists in terms
of split personality or some other form of mental
abberation. Although she does not agree with this
interpretation of her situation, she does not claim to
have any paranormal abilities because of her contact
with Hweig. She does not seek publicity, nor does
she avoid it. She writes down dialogues and insights
she finds to be of particular interest as they occur,
and has given me permission to quote the following
There is the problem that eerything I can see, he can
also. Not only Hweig, but his immediate crew. Since their
observation is through technological implants, the whole
scene can be played upon a screen, like our television.
Hweig is an enormous tease. I suppose it does get
boring always listening in to me 24 hours a day, though
sometimes he takes a vacation for a week or more and someone
else monitors. I try to tease Hweig back. The only problem
is he always knows what I am thinking as soon as I know it
myself. Therefore it is very difficult to play any kind of
joke on him. I managed it just once.

I was looking for a particular skillet in the pantry
and talking all the whole, internally of course. I said,
“Not that skillet, it is too large, and this one is too
small, that one is for square eggs, ah, this one is just
Back came a quizzical little query “Square eggs? I
don’t think I ever heard about square eggs.”
There are several things I can do to drive Hweig up
the wall. If I sneeze or whistle, he will say, “Please warn
me when you are going to do that. A sneeze sounds like a
thunder, and a whistle pierces my eardrums like a dagger.”
This Hweig/Ida or Ida/Hweig collaboration has
been reached with a great many battles between us, a great
deal of stomping and yelling on my part, and a great many
sighs and apologies on his. Sometimes it is sheer
aggravation; after all, I am married! And sometimes it is
absolutely hilarious.

In the beginning of our association Hweig terrified
me with his explanations of who and what he was, and
what he intended to do. I was afraid that my mind was going
to be taken over by an alien personality. However, aftermore
than four years of this constant telepathic contact,
I feel very much myself. Even more so, for I know myself
so much better. I have had to face up to myself.

To me one of the big questions has always been: why
is Hweig a CONSTANT companion? Is he a monitor only? Why
do the Ufolk care what I say and do every minute? I’m not
anyone. Why is my daily routine of such importance to
them? Why did Hweig so entrench himself in my mind
and life that I cannot dislodge him no matter what I say or
do? I have begged, pleaded, wept, screamed…but he is
still with me.
Hweig has put me through some very painful processes,
but he declares they were necessary in order that he
learn the levels of my tolerance and modes of reaction, so
that the best possible use might be made of my peculiar
talents and abilities. Certain limitations had to be
overcome, or at least ameliorated. And when I cuss him out
from time to time, I am only letting him know the limits of
my compliance.
With mechanical devices that permit mind invasion
and control, an alien civilization could conduct any kind of
surveillance, and there would be no defense against it. The
aliens can do this now. How long before Earth science can
do the same? Or can they do it now? Can the aliens be
I am not trying to “scare talk.” I am trying to relate
what has been done to me by persons who seem compassionate
and responsible. Can this be done in the near future by
others who may be neither compassionate nor responsible, who
could be utterly reprehensible? Is it time to study what
this type of mind control is all about, beginning with
those contactees who have experienced it.

Hweig told me that he and his colleagues are trying to
prevent mind control from becoming established here on Earth.
Is it because this type of invasion is fast becoming possible
from other sources perhaps right here on Earth? Would mind
invasion by terrestrial governments or organizations be
carried out wtih the same ethical and moral responsibility
and codes of dignity that the UFO mind invasion has
demonstrated in my case?
I have questioned Hweig about his ability to prophesy.
He said, “By probabilities only. I am NOT, I repeat,
NOT super-human. I can do only what you could do, if you
had an equal reservoir of information to draw from. We
prophesy only by balancing potentials, by probabilities.
Even so, we can be rong. Some things are not wholly
So many times I have been asked, “Why don’t they give
you something useful, like a cure for cancer?” Hweig
answers this, “What would you do, Ida, with such
information? If I told you how to build and fly a UFO,
what could you do with that information? Would anyone
listen to you on that subject? Do you have the capital
and knowledge to do the job yourself? I give you the
information you can use. Those who can receive
technological or scientific help ARE RECEIVING IT,
though they may not have a live-in companion as you do.
They receive in the manner in which they are able, and the
information they are able to use.”
I asked Hweig, “Why is there this influx of
extraordinary help at this particular time? Why now?”
Hweig’s answer: “At this time mankind stands in dead
center of the crossroads of human endeavor. I do not mean
anything so simplistic as a single crossroads, but a
convergence of many roads, each seductive in itself. A
compromise must be made and maintained if the current
world civilizations are to endure. The compromise must
react onto many levels of human activity. World
government leaders are struggling to find compromises on
a political level, but the every day people of the world
must find hteir own ways of compromise on an individual
level, such as levels of personal beliefs, as well as
many other kinds. The metaphysical cores, not the
histories, of all religions should be studied, and the
psychological needs that shaped these beliefs. Only
on that level can compromise be found, and until it is
the fires of war will continue to brutalize the human
That was the only commitment Hweig would make
concerning religion. “We are not here to tamper with your
beliefs,” he said. “Only to urge a compromise and
understanding among them all, to find a set of humanistic
values that all can tolerate and refer to.”
Often he has warned me: “Do not allow any
information we give you to become the basis for a cult
or a religion. No cults! No religions!”
I asked Hweig, “Why has all this come into focus
right at this time?” “For the first time in the course
of this round of civilization, world-wide communication
has brought all the differences of belief and activities
into a coherent area of observation. Patiently, many
individual researchers in many lines have been digging
into their respective studies. With the advent of computer
technology, all of those seperate researches can now be
brought under one roof, so to speak. They can be analyzed
and studied on a comparative basis. Religion, for example,
must be compared to methematics. Does that sound silly?
It is salvation! Archaeology must be studied in
relation to electro-magnetic waves. Only with computers
can such comparitive studies be adequately carried out.
And they will be. This is the direction in which you and
all contactees are being guided: toward the sharing and
comparing of information, which can then become a common
basis for understanding.”
Another direct question, “Am I being mind-controlled?”
Hweig’s answer: “Only to the extent necessary to impel
you toward those studies and activities that will further
our purpose, to have you gain information to share and
compare with others. This in turn will further your own
purpose, to contribute to the health and continuance of your
own civilization.”
I ask, “Who gives you the right to thus invade my
privacy, my mind?”
“You do,” he said, “by the fervor of your desire to
help your own people. You asked to be guided to a way to
be of use, of help. This is the response to your own
request. You put it into words, and we answered. How
else do you expect it could happen?”
I assume he is telling me that no one is going to
perform a miracle for us. If we want to save or help our
civilization, we are going to have to bestir ourselves to
the task. We will have guidance, and information will be
brought to our attention. The action–or inaction–is ours

The first necessary action is data analysis and
comparison. The compiling is already done. Eery
contactee is a gold mine of resource material. We must
learn how to extract and use it.

We outline these needs by asking, Who, Where, How,
and Why.

First, Who? That would be trained workers,
scientists, students competent to obtain and utilize

Second, Where? In a research center with adequate

Third, What? To study contactees who are willing to
divulge their information, and to be studied themselves
in their interaction with the UFO connection.

Fourth, How? By devising a data code comprehensive
enough to cover ALL of the forthcoming material. This
can be modified and extended as the work continues.

Fith, Why? To define specific plans of action, the
manner and means of using that material once the information
is obtained.
Another question I ask Hweigh: “Why is this
information given in this peculiar fashion? Why all the
mystery and camouflage?”
His answer: “Ufolk and their activities are only one
fashion in which information is being given. The Ufolk
can handle the type that leads to physical research, and
to psychological research through scientific disciplines.
Technological, medical and other scientific information and
help is being disseminated by other means.”
I know that all over the world, there are others who
are experiencing the same phenomenon as I: a constant
telepathic contact with other entities, all of whom claim
to be of the UFO fraternity. Although they may introduce
themselves as several varieties of beings, they are all

It is my belief we are the vanguard of an experiment
that will in the future be expanded to hundreds and
thousands more of Earth’s inhabitants.

It is important, therefore, that we begin to compare
notes ont hese very personal experiences, and try to find
an answer to that big question:
“Where is all of this leading us?”
This is a far more profitable question than, “Are
UFOs going to invade the Earth at some future date?”
We are already invaded. The Ufolk are here, in our
minds in these telepathic contacts.

While others tell us we are crazy, or fooled by our
own subconscious, or experiencing a split personality or
some other aberration, the Ufolks are blithely taking
advantage of all this time to dig in and establish their
territory in our minds.

Nero fiddled while Rome burned. Our people watch TV
while their minds are wide open to invasion.

There are tremendously ticklish questions to be
answered here. Without profound research, such as a UFO
Center would provide, these questions cannot be answered.

While we older folk have been the experimental
trial-and-error stage of the Ufolk mind invasions, our
young people will be next. With their thinking powers
numbed by constant frenetic entertainments, aided and
abetted for some by alcohol or drugs, their minds could
become so numbed and bewildered that any type of mind
invasion, alien or Earthiank would be a cinch.

Kooks like myself and my live-in companion, Hweig,
should be the subject of serious scientific investigation.
Dr. Sprinkle and his allies recognize and wand to do this,
precisely this.

There comes a time when one individual and his
immediate associates cannot provide al lthe capital and
energy and facilities needed to conduct and complete
complication and adequate studies. It takes the financial
backing and cooperation of those willing and able to
devote their assets, both monetary and intellectual, to
the task.

Believe me, our world governments are not without
some recognition of the problem, but they do not go to the
source of the information they need: the contactees, and
the contactee’s contactors.

Now it is necessary to interject a dictation by Hweig:
Now I, Hweig, will dictate as you, Ida, have no way of
knowing how to interperate these events and scenarios.

First, we must emphasize the necessity to read the
following in its entirety, as we can give the total story only
bit by bit, and later bits will clarify earlier bits that might
discourage the reader if he be not forewarned. Therefore
please be patient, ride all the way through with us, then
judge according to your own understanding.

About 80% of all UFO abductions and personal
contacts are the result of hypnotically induced illusion
and hallucination.

Those who perpetrate this hypnotic state and its
seeming events are unseen but present within the room,
car, or otherwise near the contactee. This unseen
presence is often felt by sensitive persons and all our
contacteees are MOST SENSITIVE==as a pressure in
the atmosphere immediately surrounding them. The
presence is projected by technological means much
beyond the powers of your own people at present. This
indicates the presences are those alien to yourself, and
not of your normal every-day earth person no matter how
advanced in any science, technology, or psychic ability
an earth person might be. The alien presence has powers
far beyond anything you might dream of.

It is necessary for the alien presence to be in close
proximity to the contactee. By close we mean VERY CLOSE,
almost within touching distance.
This presence, being almost pure energy, need not be
in any one particular form, but can attain any form or
abstraction desired. Black and white pinwheels, balls of light,
fireflies, revolving disks, any form may be utilized to come
momentarily into the vision of the contactee. We call this
semi-corporeal form or semi-physical state. Or the presence
can remain totally unseen, in the state that is similar to your
out-of-body experience though the eseence of that presence
is of a more powerful energy than the essence of your
out-of-body state. However, this is the closest analogy
we can find to describe this energy state.

It would frighten you spitless, as you say, Ida, to know
how many times you have been surrouoonded by alien
presences. The knowledge of their extent of control over you
would further alarm. This goes for all contactees of similar

For this reason, the potential alarm, we conceal the facts
just given and instead perpetrate an illusion of physical aliens
who seemingly come into the contactee’s presence, or bring
the contactee into theirs, knowing you can accept and interact
with physical beings in a less frightened and more objective
manner. Yet we wish to get across the idea of VERY ALIEN
personalities therefore we do not offer the visualization of your
own kind of form, even though many of us are precisely your
kind of form.
To feel you were being contacted, and perhaps
controlled, by unseen forces would throw you into a panic,
perhaps beyond acceptance. But to deal fact to face with
physical beings, no matter how alien, would eliminate
some of that panic. At least that is our proposition and
this is why these illusory beings appear.

Not all contactees or abductees face illusory
personages. A very few are quite physical and qqquite
“real” as you term realness.

The illusory beings are the semi-corporeal selves of
very real physical beings, who are at that moment existing
in another area of being, and are quite busy doing
something else physically, but are aware of what is
happening in and to their semi-corporeal self.

This is certainly confusing. Let us recapitulate.

The unseen presences are there through technological
means. They induce hypnotic illusion of abstract forms or
hypnotically project the semi-corporeal forms. These latter
are projections of real beings who are somewhere else
physically at the time. They use projection “copies”
because some time in the future these phsyical
originals may find it necessary to interact with the
contactees in a wholly physical manner. It would
then seem to be an on-going experience.

Let us reiterate for clearness:
A corporeal flesh-and-blood person so projects
himself in an unseen state through technological means
that he enters into close presence of a contactee or
abductee, anddd is then able through his own psychic
power to gain hypnotic control over that contactee when
said contactee is in a relaxed state. If the personage
were present in semi-corporeal or corporeal state, he
could control the situation equally well.

The contactee, being already in a relaxed state, is
readily accessible to the hypnotic form of control.

What transpires thereafter is all illusory or
hallucinatory, unless there is a need for physical
interaction. I such a case the contactee can be
cobnducted aboard a physical craft where the physical
interaction occurs.
By physical interaction we do NOT include
examinations per se, as these may be of either
category, physical or illusory.
Why nshould it be necessary to go through so much
physical effort when illusion will server the purpose
of the Planners just as well? The psychological reaction
of the contactee and the mental and the emotional
results of his scenario, both to himselfl and to his
audience, are what it is all about. If the same results
can be obtained through hypnotically induced illusions
as through physical action, then the illusion is chosen.

We are saying thiings backwards and forewards and
inside out so that, hopefully, no ambiguity remains.

The presence in the room or car or wherever with
the contactee can be felt as an oppression, a
“thickness in the air,” as one contactee described it.
The contactee begins to breathe in a more shallow
manner and too feel closed in, or caged, or captured
or unable to move.
The presence is the energy essence of a real
corporeal being whoo through technological devices
sends his energy self, in a state relative to the
out-of-body state, to this place. Since he is not a
psychic master, he is not able to send his energy
essence through his own psychic power, but must
depend on technological devices.

The energy essence encloses the WILL of the
presence who is elsewhere physically but is linked
through mind stuff to his energy essence and will.

And that human being is so restricted by moral
and spiritual law he cannot, dare not, serve as an
evil power. He carries out instructions received from
higher natures, and by higher we mean more
knowledgeable, more powerful and more responsible.
He is further instructed to use the most compassionate
modes of interacting he can devise.

Non-understading, haste, error of judgment
misreading of contactee’s reactions, as well as many
other factors, can impose a task on the controller that
he may be less than perfectly equipped to handle.

Remember he is only another human trying to do a very
difficult job. He is working with persons as alien to
himself as he is to them.

The presence of the controller is never seen by the
contactee unless it is necessary to attract his attention,
or to rivet his mind onto a single point. At such a time
abstract designs or eevasive objects, usually circular,
are used. Other times the unseen presence can be felt
or sense by the most sensitive to such emanations of

The condition and reaction of the contactee decides
whether or not the presence is to be seen in any form
or to remain unseen.
Many contactees have mentioned the “feel of an
evil presence.” The presence is NOT EVIL, but is part
of the UNKNOWN and does take CONTROL for a few
moments, and from the arising fear and apprehension
the contactee interprets “evil.”
The contactee response to the sense of being
controller is entirely according to his own nature and
character. One resists and tries to struggle, one weeps
or screams, one jeers, or even ggiggles. In the
response, its kind andn degree, the controller reads
information it is necessary for him to know in order to
continue into the futuure. The preliminary or initial
scene is thus aan act of getting acquanted, each
measuring the other’s potentials. Furthermorer, the
controller is just as much “on the spot” as they
contactee, for he too is undergoing a training
session, and is being weighed and measured by his

From his own psychic and trained abilities the
controller then conjures up the appearance of apparent
personalities who seemingly take charge of the scene.
These are appearances of substance, but not true
corporeality. We refer to them as semi-corporeal.
They are projections of corporeal persrons who are to
be physically met in the continued scenario of the

If footsteps sound, temperatures changee, and there
are NO SUDDEN TRANSITIONS in the scene, the event
is entirely physical. If so, there are noises, odoors, the
sense of touch as well as vision. Touch does not mean
pain, pain is psychologically induced by the contacteee
through fear.

There can be a shifting of states, a moving in and out
of states during the course of a single event, so a single
event can be a very complicated affair. Each would have
to be minutely inspected and analyzed to realize these
changes. At this moment such a scrutiny is not important
and would only obfuscate this recital.

Thus we see MIND TRAVEL as well as OUT OF BODY
TRAVEL can be induced from outside the contactees.

It is within this framework that the building blocks
of the individual myth are found. When we realize the
changeable conditions of the contactee/abductee event, we
can begin to understand why the scenario itself is so very
difficult to grasp as reality. But in comprehending these
varying and shifting states, the interpretation of the
building blocks becomes much easier.

By symbolic event we do not mean symbols such as
a cross indicates a good guy and an X a bad guy.
We mean the contactee is put through an event that is NOT
TRUE in its content, but its psychological effect symbolizes
one or more of the following ideas. These events and the
ideas they symbolize are the building blocks of the structure.
Depending upon the cultural experience of the contactee,
the following ideas are presented in various manners:
I.Ideas presented in the Scenario of Recognition:
1. of civilizations existing on other planets.

2. of civilizations existing of fantasic technological
3. of civilizations existing of tremendous scientific
4. of civilizations existing with people of various
natures who have knowledge of all kinds,
medical, artistic, cultural, etc.

II. Ideas presented in the Scenario of Biological
1. of cross-breeding with alien races
2. of giving of ovum or sperm for breeding
3. of implantations of sperm or fertile ova
4. of taking cells for examination,
experimentation or for cloning
III. Ideas presented in the Scario of Initiation:
1. of an unseen secret organization of good will and
2. of inspirational aids to solve problems and
3. of secrets of the past to be found anew
4. of promotion of societal contacts leading to
cooperative efforts
5. of monument of good endeavors recorded in lost
6. of destruction of powerful deterents to human/
earth collaboration
IV. Ideas presented in the Scenario of Self-Development
and Self-Awareness:
1. of offering new personal insights
2. of strenghtening stabilizing beliefs
3. of offering new projects
4. of analyzing life-evaluations
5. of value of self-freedom
6. of support of person’s intentions/ambitions
There are many other scenarios and parts thereof, and
those can each or all merge one into another. In order to
analyze them at all, we have to dissect the living form.

We come to rejuvenate the earth, and to aid in the
evolutionary development of man.


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