Interpertation Of The Declaration Of Independence

Interpertation Of The Declaration Of Independence At some point in time, it may become necessary for the governed to abolish the government and set up a new government because it failed to protect the people’s rights. People set up governments so their rights cannot be taken away. The government gets its power from the governed. If the government failed to protect the people’s rights, the people have the right to abolish the government and set up a new one. However, people do not change the government for a small reason. They do so when a government becomes doctorial such as Parliament and King George were.

Great Britain did three things to cause the colonies to break off. First, the king abused his powers. The king refused to pass needed laws. He also tried to control colonial legislatures. He had also put an end to legislatures.

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Other wrongs were that he would not let settlers move on to new land. He also sent custom officers to make it harder for them. Second, the king and Parliament made laws for the colonies. Colonists complained that Parliament did not have the right to make laws for them because they were not represented in it. Third was for warlike acts of the king. Instead of listening to the colonists, he imposed war.

He even hired soldiers to fight them. Colonists were always asking the British for help but it only brought them more suffering. Therefore, the colonists separated. The representatives of the United States declare themselves free and independent states. The states were no longer loyal to Britain.

They could now declare war and peace. Political Issues.


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