In The Beginning Of Ephesians It Talks About How Gods Plan Was To Send His Only Son To Save Us From Sin I Am So Thankful That

In the beginning of Ephesians it talks about how Gods plan was to send his only son to save us from sin. I am so thankful that God loves us and that he sent his only son to earth to suffer and free us from the slavery of sin. Jesus had to become one of us to free us like the training a dog example, we have to become a dog to let the dog understand me, like Jesus had to become man to free us. Ever since Jesus died for us on the cross, we can go to heaven and spend the rest of our lives us God, all we have to do is erase the original sin by being baptized when we are young. Through Jesus we have redemption by his blood that he shed on the cross. Jesus as a man had to go through what a regular man does, he denied evil and he did good, and at the end of his short life he suffered for what he preached and did for the short thirty years of his life to teach us and to save us.

Jesus at the garden even asked God if there was any thing else that could save mankind, but there wasnt and Jesus didnt back down, he loved God and did his will. Ephesians it also talks about that before Jesus or baptism we were dead in our transgressions and sins, but God who is rich in generosity and mercy and his great love for us brought us Jesus Christ to save us from the slavery of sin, and that now we can rise up to heaven and be saved. We are saved by faith, if we truly believe that Jesus died for us and God loves us and we confess our sins we can go to heaven, we should thank God for his generosity. Ephesians 1:9-12 Talks about we have a plan to fulfill in Christ. By this I think it means if we have a purpose in life, or in the universe, and that if the events of Time have a purpose, and I think they do.

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I think that God influences the events of time; he inspires people to do things, which change history. But many people today say that there isnt a purpose in life, and that the only reason were are here is to mate and to have offspring and help mankind survive and then we die and after death there isnt a heaven or hell, were just dead and that is that. I really disagree with that I think that having children and helping mankind to survive is one part of life, but also there is a spiritual part of life. We go to mass and pray and to serve God and help others because we are trying to follow in Jesus footsteps even if we cant we can try. I believe that there is a heaven and hell and that God and Jesus are waiting for us at heaven and even our friends and relatives, but the devil also wants us too and we try to stay away from him by following Jesus. Ephesians 4:7-8 talks about Christ giving us grace.

Each time we do a sacrament like baptism, confirmation we get more grace and each time we receive communion we get closer to God. I try to be as catholic like as I can but it is hard to do, every mass I go I receive the Eucharist I feel like I am closer to God and I received some grace by Christ. Chapter 4:9-16 I assume is talking about some people are called to serve God by being a priest or as a single person or as a married person. I try to serve God as best as I can as a teenage catholic, there are many pressures as a teenage. In a High school there are usually groups (the normal group, the cool group, and the nerd group).

Many people who arent in the cool group want to be and they try to do anything to get notice or try to be funny at all cost to impress the cool group and in process you sin. People in the cool group have a image to uphold, a reputation to uphold, they cant let down they have to be “cool” all the time, sometimes in that process they sin, but there are cool kids that are cool and stay that without sinning and thats good. I think that a teenage should be happy where they are, they should be themselves and unique and let the people accept them as they are even if they arent the most athletic persons in the school. Teenagers should pray every day and night to ask God to help them with their decisions and actions, and teenagers should try to follow through, but most kids think that the kids who follow God are nerds and weird but those kids can have fun without sin there are many things to do in this town or world that isnt sinful but most teenagers think that the only fun is when you sin like drinking underage. I think teenagers should follow Christ and you can have fun but you may seem weird to others but thats ok as long as youre happy with yourself. Chapter 6:1-4 talks about children obeying their parents, and parents raising your children right to be outstanding Catholic adults. Children should obey their parents because they gave you life and without them you wouldnt be in this world. I try to obey my parents especially my mom who likes to nag about cleaning my room everyday, I try not to argue with her about cleaning it later or just not doing it, I try to clean it just to make her happy, but sometimes I dont and I just have to work at that and try to obey her and just to clean it and make her happy. Parents also have a responsibility to raise there children as happy catholic adults.

Parents should separate or divorce just because they dont feel like they love each other, or theyre doing it for the kids. It doesnt give a really good example and the children with grow up dysfunctional and they will continue the trend their parents set. Ephesians 6:18-19 talks about prayer. I think everyone should pray everyday. When a person wakes up they should pray to God and thank them for the good night sleep and when they went to sleep to thank the Lord for what happened during the day. A person should try to fit a pray in every time when they have free time, the more we pray the more that we get closer to God.

We also can make up little prayers for our self to kind of personalize it and to fit the thing that you are praying for. Ephesians 6:21-24 Talks about giving grace for the people who love our Lord Jesus Christ in immortality. People who go to mass everyday have dedication and a true love for God and I admire them for their dedication. I try to go to mass every Sunday to receive the Eucharist because you receive Jesus Christ and you receive grace, which you get closer to the kingdom of heaven. Bibliography bible.


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