If Martians Paid A Little Visit

If Martians Paid A Little Visit IF MARTIANS PAID A LITTLE VISIT People believe that Martians have come to planet earth. And indeed many people have video taped many sights of little objects flying in the air, ones with different types of ordered movements, and others with no movements at all. But what would happen if one day these little unknown creatures decide they are going to actually park their little flying mobiles and show their faces? What would they say to us? What would they want from us? Why are they here in the first place? Many circumstances would occur not only for the Martians, but also for many people here on earth. Many families would probably want to move from their home to another country where the Martians would not appear. Others would probably want war, because they probably think that they are trying to take over the world. And others would probably weaken in their curiosity and would want to find out what they want and maybe come to an agreement so that they don’t do anything to us. seeing how they have a much more advanced technology than we do, they probably would have something way more accurate than the do when it comes to weapons or simply just their mind and the way they think.

If they do ever come to earth, there is no doubt that they are beings way more intelligent than we humans are. I believe that we have a good group of army men who would be willing to fight not only for our country, but for our planet as well if something comes to happen. But in my own opinion, there have been already so many clips of objects flying in the air, that I would dare to think that they are ready to come visit us any time soon, and when they do, I don’t believe that they would come as enemies, but as Martians who are willing to get to know us as we are, and our many different countries and cultures. And them as well would be willing to show us how they live, and the different types of Martians that there are, just as here on earth there are many different races. Social Issues.

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