Identity Crisis

.. st of these ways are not consistent with black ways of speaking, walking and acting. This black middle class is an interesting sort of group. They work and tend to think that they are advancing. Many are experiencing the “glass ceiling” and have a hard time understanding why. Sometimes the idea of racism can seem farfetched but dont fool yourself.

This middle class is not the majority and unfortunately because of their success the lower class will suffer more. Attacks of black people who have been helped along since the 60s at least in the job field are chipping away at many programs that helped put those people where they are. Sociologists use examples of the black middle class, opponents of affirmative action use examples and of other programs designed to help them out black people. They seem to be doing quite well these days and many of the jobs that are put aside for blacks could be taken by poor whites. It should be equal.

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This is the start of the painful abortion of the second reconstruction. People forget so fast the grievances in the past that were never settled. I imagine that will cause a new connection between blacks no matter what their class. Right now there is a definite dividing line and an attitude to go with it. Those in the middle sometimes think that the lower class blacks are being lazy.

If I made it why cant they? All it takes is hard work. If time was taken to talk to those who tried to make it and failed some may see that it takes alot more than hard work. You can work hard and be qualifies and ready to do something as much as the next person. Today often times there is not enough space. If there are 300 applicants and only 10 spots its gonna be really hard to secure that job.

In todays world connections mean everything. Its all in who you know. This is why many who make it to colleges in the Ivy league make money. They all know people who know people. Its all about networking.

Supreme Court justice Marshall and his friends knew this and tried to get the black students to go to school with the whites for this very reason. Making permanent friends who they could grow with and in the future share in their advances. It was a very good plan but all the white kids moved out as soon as the blacks started coming. Nice try! The words used to describe black people have changed over the years. From Colored to Negro to Black to African American. As I explained earlier if you are a little bit of something else youre not white.

This has caused the population of all those considered black to take on a very broad spectrum. Cape Verdeans have for many years considered themselves white. It was not until the civil rights movement when black pride was so strong that many acknowledged their black ancestry over the traditional Portuguese. Black people needed each other it didnt matter if you were from some unknown place if you were fighting for the cause you were in. Black people saw friendship in all their brothers faces.

Language is often something that separates people. Because Cape Verdeans had their own language they were often able to separate themselves from black descendents of slaves this helped in the feelings of non-blackness. Struggle brings people together. The younger generations began to think of themselves as black to the chagrin of their parents who had always considered themselves white. As more and more Cape Verdeans accepted their black ancestry the easier it was to assimilate into black culture in America. African American is now a term that refers to all black peoples at least in America.

It does not matter from where youre from if your skin is dark and your hair not so strait you are a welcome member. People still hold on to their ever-important identities. Cape Verdean, Haitian, Dominican, African, West Indian and black American which is actually encompassing of all. Often in urban areas these groups may live near each other and seperate themselves from others. As did the Cape Verdeans see themselves as different so do the West Indians. They have taken to distancing themselves from those black descendents of slaves.

It is somehow considered terrible to be a black American. They were enslaved far to long. They dont seem to understand that we were all enslaved and that we should not be looked down upon because it takes a strong people to go from where they were to where they are. Why are all those immigrants here? Because black Americans lead the way fir black school, churches, and organizations. Why can they walk down the street and not get lynched? Because of their brothers and sisters who were sent to different places and fought in different ways. Black people are united under their oppression.

United we stand. In the eyes of white America everyone is black. This is obviously the deciding and strengthening norm that forces blacks to stick together. White Americas racist attitude that kept dark skinned Cape Verdeans at the back of busses even though they swear that they are white. This is the tightest glue of all. That of a racist society.

I think that first generation immigrants cannot think of themselves as African American but their children will. When its all you know you are socialized to the ways of the world. When you have grown up somewhere else your value system is different. You look at things through the eyes of another world. Your children can only do this through you.

They help to reshape America by intertwining the old vision with the new. This is what the American Ideals are. Mixing and Mixing until we get it right. Its really amazing the attitudes that people have. My friends mom wants him to marry a woman who is Cape Verdean.

She came home with a white guy and her mom almost had a heart attack. Later when she came home with a black man it was much much better but her mom still whispered “I want the next one to be like us” My friend has never really been attracted to those of Cape Verdean descent. Most of those she meets become like brothers to her. Its like family. Even in these times we see that people are so set in the ways that they think and believe its difficult to change this.

All in all its the exceptance of black that keeps them going. Today is anyone said Im not black Im West Indian they would look really crazy.


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